When I was signing in for this I had mixed feelings, I thought of things like, are the kids going to actually listen to me? or how much work will it be to control 2nd graders? luckily I had a brother who is in 2nd grade, thinking that he was the standard for 2nd graders I was terrified. But after preparing an amazing class for these kids, even my brother started listening to me (I got his class). The preparation was also quite hard because it was hard to know what these kids are learning and what they already have learned, then again I have been a 2nd grader before so I just integrated things that kids like, for example for my passion project I had them do something I did for design tech when I was in 6th grade, which is lego balloon cart race. I think they just liked the idea of playing with legos in class, and we had two races and they were really fun for the kids, even as an 8th grader I think that its okay to take a break from class and that is why I chose to do something fun.