English 9 Humor Unit: Final Reflective Blog Post

During this unit, I have had a chance to identify how literary techniques could be used in different ways and explored many new techniques that writers use to create humorous effects. I also learned and developed my skill in analyzing poems. In one of the confusions plays, Mother figure, I explored how the playwright uses Irony, symbolism, foreshadowing, and diction to help the author both deliver an ironic message

In the poetry unit, I learned the SMILE/TPCASTTT techniques of analyzing. In the process of interpreting, I also found many strategies that could aid myself in getting the meaning of a certain poem, one of the strategies I found helpful was reading the poem multiple times: The first attempt, simply reading. The second attempt, reading with rhythm. Third attempt to interpret the usage of techniques and why they were implemented. However, I wish I could explore more about British humor. When viewing the video of one of the plays, there were parts where many of the audience laughed at but because I haven’t had many contacts in this area, I didn’t get the humor.

The SMART goal that I had set for the unit was to improve my skill of analyzing various literary techniques that create humorous effects. Instead of staying in my comfort zone, completing what I think I am capable of, I should try to analyze complex pieces of writing that require profound thinking and a harder effort in interpreting. I believe that I had achieved my goal, regarding the poetry analysis, I had stepped out of my comfort zone in choosing the poem: “Frau Freud,” that I felt was relatively complex compared to some of the others. For the first time reading through, I was baffled and didn’t have any clue what this poem is about. Although after multiple attempts of carefully examining, I was capable of explaining the SMILE and TPCASTTT structure of the poem. Evidence could be seen from the picture of my annotations, that I interpreted every single word in the piece that I thought was implemented for a reason. Nevertheless, the challenging aspect of this unit was that the deadlines and progress were determined by us. So we had to be really organized in our time management in order to meet our deadlines. Speaking about challenges, I also obtained many successes, I believe that finishing my interpretation of my chosen poem “frau Freud” was the biggest success. I might not have done a great job in analyzing the poem; however, I have put in an adequate amount of effort and learned many new literary techniques, thus simply completing this assignment gives me great satisfaction and success.

I believe that I’ve met the Student as a Learner (SAL) criteria of “Responsibility” and “Attitude” by satisfactory. For the persuasive writing task, I positively accept feedbacks from my peers and implement all of the comments and advice into my final draft, however, I should be more active in seeking feedback from students and my teacher. in any areas that I am confused or wants advice, I should seek for peer editors rather than waiting for them to provide it to me. I had also met my deadlines, although there was last-minute work that I wish I could improve on with my time management. For the attitude aspect, I believe that I had a positive about facing challenges, I accept all assignments in a positive mindset and wants to challenge myself for improvement in my skills. As for the poetry analysis, I chose a particular piece that could challenge myself. My goal for my learning in English 10 is being more organized in my time management, I wish to distribute my time more wisely to ensure that all deadlines are met with minimal last-minute work.