A Life Of Being Different

This is a humanities project, we had to chose a book and talk about the concept. In The Skin Im In, by: Sharon G. Flake The theme is about not letting people control you and being who you really are.

“It takes a long time to accept yourself for who you really are. To see the poetry in your walk”(29 Flake). Maleeka, the protagonist really cares about others opinion which causes her in not liking her looks, her skin color, and who she is. Her teacher is telling her to accept herself and this takes time. “I was walking down the hall in one of Char’s dresses, strutting my stuff, looking good. The Char walked up to me and told me to take off her clothes… I thought she was kidding. She wasn’t. So I went to the girl’s bathroom and put my stuff back on” (13 Flake). In the story, Maleeka wears Chars clothes all the time because she thinks her own clothe is different to the others. To wear Char’s clothes Maleeka has to do what she wants her to do and that includes doing her homework. She is basically acting as a slave of her.

I used Piktochart to make this movie poster.

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