Brother or Father?

In the Book, My Brother Sam Is Dead by James Lincoln Collier & Christopher Collier, the author believes that it’s important to understand peoples perspective during a war because when there is a conflict, there is no right or wrong, it depends on which side is more justifiable. In the book, the protagonist (Timothy) had gone through an internal conflict about picking sides. Tim’s brother, Sam and his dad had a conflict that continued throughout the story. His brother represents a side, and his dad represents another side and Tim is constantly persuaded by both sides, but he is struggling to pick one.

“I picked up the gun, ducked through the door of the shack just pushing the blanket away with my head” (Collier 54) In this scene, Tim was going to steal the gun that his brother had taken from father because his father was in danger and in order to save him, he had to take this gun. This quote shows that Tim had been in a conflict, but had finally chosen to betray his brother. However, later on, as Sam was chasing Tim to return the gun, Tim seemed to favor the other side “’I think you’re a coward,’ I said. I didn’t really think that—anybody who would join the army to fight couldn’t be a coward” (Collier p58) He thinks that a patriot couldn’t be a coward; additionally, at the beginning of the story he said that he wanted to be like his brother because he feels like his brother is like a model of a brave man. This quote shows that he wanted to be a patriot (just like his brother) but he had to betray him to save his father, this is an internal conflict that Tim had to choose. However, at the end of the book, both his brother and his father died, and he eventually realized that there wasn’t a right side, it just depends on the side you pick.



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