PE HEALTH (tech use)

The most use technology for me is my phone. I mostly use it for socialising with my friends, watching ticktok, listening to music, and playing video games. i usually spend the most time on Netease( music app) and WeChat. When doing homework, i can easily get off track. When i see a notification pop up i would reply the text and then start doing something else. I am a procrastinator so i would usually finish my homework really late.

One thing i could change is trying to not get off task when doing work. what i could do to achieve this goal is to mute my phone so that when i couldn’t see the notifications. Another goal is to, finish my school work first and then have the free time for myself.

The Victory of Americans

Our video is about the process of americans gaining independence and forming their own society. The American Revolution started because of ┬áthe French and Indian War. This battle caused England to loose lots of things, so, they started making the colonists to pay tax. Afterwards, theses people couldn’t bear anymore and started the revolution. Eventually won their independence.