Summer Reading List

During summer break, i would like to read Pretties, Book Thief and The Hate You Gave. All for thesis three books were recommended from my teachers and friends for several times and since i always read books form the same genre, i would like to try to read books that is in a variety of genres. My goal is to try to read for at least 20 minutes each day. I am very exited to finish these books. 


  • My biggest success was that we finished our robot on time and it was the way that I wanted. When we were planning out our robot, I thought that I would be really challenging to complete this project since we were not really good at programming and I was not good at crafting. Although, in the process of making, I noticed that it was pretty easing because realized how teamwork is really important.

  • My biggest obstacle was the programming and the planning part. We were really lost when we started planning because we had no idea how to start the project. However, we got inspiration from robots that others made, and eventually, Alice came out an idea that we could make a dinosaur.

  • Skills that I learned from this unit was that I now know a little about programming.