Science (journal #1)

1)What are polymers & how are they made?


Polymers are made out of chains of molecules bonded together which are called monomers, and this chain is often made of carbon and hydrogen. Some polymers bend and stretch like rubber. Others are hard and tough, like epoxies and glass. Polymers are used in almost every area of modern living. Grocery bags, plastic, soda cans, toys, and food packagings are all made from polymers. For our experiment, we will be making polymer out of polyvinyl alcohol, baking soda, and shaving cream to create a type of slime that can clean keyboards.


2)What are the synthetic materials, and where do they come from?



One of synthetic material is polyester, this is a synthetic fiber derived from coal, air, water, and petroleum. In order to turn natural resources into synthetic resources, it has to go through a chemical reaction between an acid and alcohol. During the experiment, molecules have to combine to form larger molecules and when this process repeats, it eventually forms a large chain.

Another kind of synthetic material is Rayon, it is a material that is made from the cellulose of wood pulp or cotton.



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PE health (reliable sources)

Are my sources valuable?

I can tell is my sources are reliable after I check it through the “CRAP” test.  This test checks the currency(to see when this source was published), relevance(the usefulness of this source: biased of unbiased? Who was the intended audience?), authority(the source of the information: publisher), and the purpose(the reason this information exists: facts, propaganda or opinion?)

PE HEALTH (tech use)

The most use technology for me is my phone. I mostly use it for socialising with my friends, watching ticktok, listening to music, and playing video games. i usually spend the most time on Netease( music app) and WeChat. When doing homework, i can easily get off track. When i see a notification pop up i would reply the text and then start doing something else. I am a procrastinator so i would usually finish my homework really late.

One thing i could change is trying to not get off task when doing work. what i could do to achieve this goal is to mute my phone so that when i couldn’t see the notifications. Another goal is to, finish my school work first and then have the free time for myself.