January 27th Progress& Peer Feedback

Today I got some feedback from my peers.


Compliments: I like the elevation of hands, because it adds layers to the drawing. I like the thick lines, that’s a cool style.

Questions: What is the in the bowl?

Suggestions: You should add some more colors to the soup.


Compliments: I like how you decided to use the elevated hands, it makes the piece pop out more and adds more layers. I also like your choice of media by using watercolor, it fits well with the general aesthetic.

Questions: Are there any stories related to this image?

Suggestions: What if you added some elevated chips to your image? Could you elevate the chips?


Based on these suggestions, I think I might try adding more colour & detail to the soup. Once I finish the artwork, I might add some  elevated chips on top, but I’ll have to see how the final thing looks first.

For today’s class, I painted the chips & cabbage. The chips’ texture didn’t really show that much, so I might go back and add some more texture later.

January 25th Progress

End of Last Class: (Linework for the final piece & cutting out the hands:


This Class:

Today I did a bit more preparation for my final piece by doing a really rough watercolor colour study and finding some textures for the chips.

I used this video to find some ideas for textures, but just ended up deciding that I like the dry brush technique the best for adding texture. I used this video to learn more about mixing watercolours.


Culture Art Progress

1. Photos of my process for this project:


Composition Sketches

Two Different Color Ideas:

2. Reflection:

1. Which idea did you choose for your final artwork? How can you include visual culture into your idea to show the time and place?

I chose an idea I thought of over winter break, a drawing of me cracking some tortilla chips into a bowl of pozole. Pozole is an example of visual culture, as it’s a food that comes from my dad’s culture. The action of cracking chips into the soup is also an example of visual culture, and from my dad’s culture.

The food present shows that it’s lunch or dinnertime.

2. What medium or combination of media do you plan to use for your final artwork? Why did you select this medium and how can you improve your skills in this medium or media before you start your final work?

I want to screenprint the lines onto a layer of paint. I chose screenprinting because I want to create thick, blocky and clean lines and I think it might look cool if the colours and the lines are slightly offset. Also, I think screenprinting the lines onto the paint might give the lines a slightly interesting texture.

For the paint, I’m still not so sure what kind of paint I want to use. I want to practice acrylic more, but I’m not confident enough in my acrylic skills and won’t be able to concentrate on choosing color as much. Alternatively, I could use watercolour, whose slight translucent-ness would be an interesting contrast to thick, heavy lines. However, this contrast might take too much attention away from the focus of the piece.

I think I need to test out combinations of acrylic with acrylic screenprint and watercolour with acrylic screenprint to choose. If I chose watercolour, I’d need to get better at getting the right color. If I chose acrylic, I’d need to practice all the very basics, especially mixing color and getting the right amount of water in paint.

3. What color combination will you use for your final project and why?

The second one, without the blue background. For the first one, I was trying to use a darker background to emphasize the soup and but still keep the warm theme by making the soup sort of glow. However, with my current skill level, I don’t think I can pull this off, and the contrast in saturation in the second color combination will be enough.

Digital Portrait Inspiration

This was created by Killan Ng. I like how it’s simple, clean, and detailed, with lots of straight lines, not a lot of pressure variation, and big, blocky black shapes.

In this portrait, the dynamic pose and confident expression show that the character is adventurous.

This was created by yoriyukiii. I like the variation in line pressure, the thick lines, the simple face, the coloured lines, and the complementary colors.

In this portrait, the simple face and brighter colours shows that the character is cute and childish.

This was created by sleeptlk. I like the thick, blocky shadows and slightly messy, blocky linework. I also like the use of a complementary and analogous color scheme, and it has a nice texture.

In this portrait, the use of symbols and the contrast between the expression, colors and stickers shows how the character feels burdened by always receiving praise.

About Me – as a Designer

My inspiration:

  • What is design?

Art with a goal to solve a problem.

  • What inspires me about design?

Looking at other peoples’ designs and listening to their ideas.

  • What are my favorite design examples?

Designs that have a lot of character, that are clear and simplistic.

  • Who are my favorite designers?

I’m not sure… I don’t know any specific people. But I do know a group that hosts character design challenges every month, and I like to  follow them. They’re very fittingly called ‘Character Design Challenge‘.

Me as a designer:

  • What’s my most memorable experience designing (or creating) something? Why?

I created a video game for last semester’s elective, and was proud of it because I put a lot of work into its level design and I think its art looks pretty good for the amount of time I had.


  • What would I like to get better at doing as a designer? (Eg drawing, presenting, digital design, fabrication, photo-editing, sharing, collaborating, etc)

I would like to get better at collaborating on ideas with people, world design and game design.

  • What do already do pretty well? (Eg drawing, presenting, digital design, fabrication, photo-editing, sharing, collaborating, etc)

I’d say that I’m alright at drawing.

Design Studio Food Truck

The blog reflection questions will be as follows:

  • The Design Problem:

For design class, we were asked to create a food truck brand. I created a food truck set in a post-apocalyptic world that sells bug meat to traveling soldiers.

  • The Design Process:

I explain my process in these two PDFs:

Bug Bus Development Progress

Bug Bus Refinement Process

  • The Final Presentation:



  •  Reflection:

Several times throughout this project I thought that the project was already done when in fact it wasn’t even halfway through. Because of this, I put way to much work into unimportant parts because I thought they were the final thing. Now I know to more carefully check the project timeline.

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