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This is my design portfolio I made for design studio.

(neutral)PDF Version

(warm)PDF Version

While I’m not too happy about the final design (the colors are too gray and brown, the viewer’s attention is drawn to the wrong places, the words are too hard to read, etc.), I did learn a lot during the process that will be super helpful.

Originally,  I wanted to make a more detailed illustration that showed my interests through pictures, and only use Illustrator to make the draft of the basic shapes.



However, I decided that this was too detailed for the project and I wanted to challenge myself to try using Illustrator more.

So, I drew a quick portrait and then made it in Illustrator. I softened the expression to make it look more annoyed than crazy. I also moved the eyes toward each other a bit so that they look like they’re popping out of the face. Here I learned how to use the pen tool in Illustrator.  I also practiced using the layers in Illustrator, something that I had previously refused to touch.

Then, in Photoshop, I set up the poster, and then added the textures. (I still can’t decide whether I like the neutral or warm paper color better.)

By importing the texture, I learned that you can color the layer names in Photoshop, which is really nice. Afterwards, I messed around in illustrator with masking after Mr. Griffin taught me how.

This general aesthetic shows how I like to keep my style simple and very stylized. It’s fun to mess around with lines when the slightest change makes a huge difference. I also just generally like to draw strange expressions.



Answers to Design Studio questions:

What do you think design is?

I’m not so sure, but right now I think that it’s just creation in general.

What skills do you hope to learn?

I am trying to learn C# and figure out what’s going  on with Unity. I might also like to  learn how to do pixel art and/or work on animation.

What is the best thing you ever made?

I’m not sure. Every time I make a project I instantly dislike it because I know I could  do better. However, I do have some projects that I worked worked very hard on and am proud of even if they weren’t the best. were the animations I made for class in 8th grade and a platformer I made on scratch last year.

What do you want to make?

I would like to make a video game(or something vaguely interactive, at least) using unity.

What strengths do you have that you can bring to your learning in this course?

I enjoy making animation and art. I’m not the best at it, but I’m alright.


  1. Hi Sophia, I hope you are doing well!

    Thanks for this excellent reflection – you included a lot of great detail about how you created your poster. There is so much to like about your poster, especially the depth of style and character that tells me a lot about your skill as an illustrator. I also love that you included your sketches which are excellent also!

    You will definitely be able to create some pixel art/games for Design Studio, so feel free to start thing about what you might like to make later in the semester.

  2. Hi Sofia,

    1. What is the best thing about their portrait?
    The best thing I think you did is that drawing a draft to help you draw more faster in illustrator and using the background to help you.
    2. What is the best thing about their portrait?
    I think the best thing you did is showing how Mr. Griffin gave you an idea of how to fix some of the mistakes.
    3. What is something you didn’t know about that person?
    I did not know that you need to draw as a draft to make a better drawing.
    4. What is something you can help them with in this subject?
    To describe some ideas of the next pieces that she is making and dicussing the ideas with me.

  3. abby.patrickdooling

    February 4, 2020 at 2:40 pm

    This is very cool and I admire the extensive process of your work. Not boring and quite creative **

    • I like the color of the background that you chose, and the style was surprised me when the first time I have seen this.

  4. I like how you showed the entire process of making your portrait. I think that it is very well made and seems very professional. I think that the portrait allows the observer to understand you better. However, I can’t tell that it is you at first glance.

  5. I liked the way you presented your work-flow and how you got to the final product, the poster also has a very interesting and unique style.

  6. I really like that you put a lot of details in the post and made two different versions of the poster. Great Job!

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