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Final reflective blog post for Humor Unit

· What did I learn about how writers use language to create a humorous effect?

The writers use language in which people can feel unfamiliar and unique such as people telling an ape to write a poem to create a humorous effect. And they use words that have similar pronunciation, meaning, rhythm to make audiences can enjoy poems without any boring.

· What are some things that I would still like to learn more about with respect to this topic?

I saw various types of humor in the novel, in the TED speech, and in the poem also, I saw the way to use humor in my life. However, I’ve never used humor in my writing or speech with English before, therefore, it’s still hard to use humor. So, I want to try to use humor in my essay and speech and get some feedback and learn that I used humor in the right way.

· Did I achieve the SMART goal I set for myself in this unit? Why or why not?

I achieved my SMART goal in some parts, but I still feel it’s hard to distinguish am I use humor in the right way, therefore, I achieved the SMART goal in a few parts and to achieve my SMART goal perfectly, I should study harder about humor.

· What was particularly challenging about this unit?

I’ve never used humor in my life before, such as in usual life, in my speeches, in my essays. Also, in my opinion, each country has different humor because they have a different culture. Therefore, the particularly challenging about this unit was to adapt in English humor and to try to use humor in my usual life effectively.

· What successes did I have in this unit?

The successes did I have in this unit is to know how to use humor in my usual life, and how to analyze poems specifically.

· To what extent did I meet the Student as a Learner (SAL) criteria of “Responsibility” and “Attitude”?

I meet both of “Responsibility” and “Attitude” as a Learner criterion “Need Improvement”. Because I always make overdue assignments and actually I can feel I’m extremely lazy and I don’t have any will in all things.

· In what ways do I still need to grow with respect to these two SALs?

I should improve the focus of the will to do everything with the utmost effort. We can’t predict the future, and we can do e-learning again after summer break because of the COVID 19. Therefore, I do not lose my will anymore and to focus my school life again, I should improve the focus of the will.

Also, I should read books during the summer break to improve my words, reading, and writing. Actually, I didn’t read books every day during the e-learning, but I sometimes read books. Although I read books like 2~4times a week, I could feel the obvious result. Therefore, I will read books every day for at least 1 hour steadily during the break. I believe reading books steadily can help to improve my concentrate too.

Lastly, I will make some videos such as speech, or vlog with English, also I’m thinking of making videos in English and uploading them on YouTube. Because if I upload on youtube, I can upload videos more steadily because of the responsibility.


I’m sorry for not being sincere for a year and for showing disappointment after start e-learning. After a few days of first pushing homework once or twice, it became out of control. After that, although I tried to work hard again, I easily became weak and lazy again because of my delayed homework. This is my first slump in studying, so I had no idea how to deal with it. This online class was a time to make teachers worry, but to think positively, it was a time when I experienced my first slump and I could think about my studies again. I regret all of the wrong behaviors and through this experience, I will not repeat this thing again in 10th grade, and I will be more mature than in 9th grade. Perhaps the first semester of 10th grade is the last school life in ISB. I will move to another school in Beijing because of the preparation for Korea college. From now on, I will do my best to make sure that I don’t regret being lazy in the ISB. I learned a lot from you for a year and felt that you were a really good teacher. I will never forget my gratitude. Thank you for being my teacher.


#IDU, #collaboration, and #reflection

I learn lots of collaborations and leadership during this group project. This IDU project is not an individual project but a team project with 3~5 people. Therefore, I had to respect and listen to the opinions of the team members, not just assert one’s opinion. Also, when making the results, our team had to decide the results which every team member as satisfactory as possible. For example, when we made the design brief, we had to spend plenty of time to decide our target population and two solutions. Because our team had many disagreements among team members when deciding on them, through these processes, our team seems to have produced the most suitable results, and I learned how to decide to incorporate various opinions.

Furthermore, during team time, our group was so quiet. We needed a little more conversation among our team members, so we needed someone to lead or summarize what we had to do. I think I did my best to lead our team among team activities such as design brief, make a presentation, and make a script. Even though my English skills are lack of convincing others, ideally, but I tried my best to speak clearly. When our team started the IDU project, we chose Georgia as the leader, but because one leader was not good enough to lead the team and sometimes even Georgia needed help, I did my best to help Georgia, who is a leader, even though I was not a leader.

Also, we all had what we were good at and what we were lacked. We need some people who can to fill each other’s gaps. We helped each other by helping each other with what is lacking and by discussing each other if there is a stuck. With these experiences, I learned how to lead others, and how to incorporate many opinions of many people after this IDU project.

If next time I have a chance like the IDU project, I want to experience a position as a leader and try to work harder to help my team members and work hard for team activities to make more perfect results.

artifact annotate

I think this Socratic Seminar is worse than last Socratic Seminar. Because at last Socratic Seminar, I propose my opinion, and answered other questions. So, I speak 3~4 times. But at this Socratic Seminar, I just say 2 questions like “Why didn’t Rowdy hurt Junior until p.52 and why does he say only negative insults to Junior?”. I wanted to answer other questions but other friends talk too fast,  too hard to understand everything. So, I didn’t get a chance to talk. Lastly, if offer a self-evaluation, I think it’s beginning.

Socratic Seminar

My second socratic seminar skill is improve than first socratic seminar. At the first time I couldn’t say anything. But at the second socratic seminar, I said 3~4 times. Also, I think I can understand what they saying better than first. For next socratic seminar I have to read book very carefully to announce my opinion. And I have to prepare some questions and answers. I want to participate hard.


  • What did you learn from viewing this TED talk? What further questions do you have?

Long time ago, indigenous people lived in U.S. But they were kicked out  from white people.  White people said “leave the reservation”. They want to stay there, so they resisted the white people. But whit people’s strength was very strong than Indian, thus they were lose. At that time they already have treaty, but white people didn’t keep that treaty. And they plunder Indian’s ground.  Also, when they plunder Indian’s ground, they did knee massacre to a lot of Indian’s. They died a terrible death.

  •  How does this TEDtalk help you better understand some of the context for Alexie’s portrayal of the fictional Wellpinit Reservation and Junior’s life?

It help to understand about the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. In this TED talk, there are many information about Indian, relationship about Indian and white people.  There background information makes me easier to read the book. Before I watch the video, I think in the book white people ignore Indian because they are poverty. But after watch the video,  I felt white people ignore Indian from a long time. Then I also felt Junior is more laborious than before I think. Everything about Junior looks poor.





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