Process for Culture Tradition and Change


Which idea did you choose for your final artwork? How can you include visual culture into your idea to show the time and place?

China is considered to be one of the only countries (if not the only country) where people make offerings in the form resembling money. It is the tradition to burn them as an offering to people who have passed away. In this case, I chose tombstone and flame to be the symbol of the time (Qingming Festival) and place( China).

What medium or combination of media do you plan to use for your final artwork? Why did you select this medium and how can you improve your skills in this medium or media before you start your final work?

I choose acrylic paint to work on my final artwork for this unit. Before this assignment, I always use watercolor for my works; but this time I want to try something new and improve my skills by employing another medium. At the same time, I don’t have much experience with acrylic, and this time I want to challenge myself by experimenting with different techniques in a medium that I am not familiar with and try to make the best out of it.

What color combination will you use for your final project and why?

The first piece is bright and clean, showing the phrase when toxic chemical substances and dust emitted from burning paper are not intensive enough to cause any obvious damages to the surrounding environment, however, animals on the upper side are acting as an alarm of warning, that it is time to pay attention to potential harms on wild animals and nature.

The second piece shows the consequence of those negative impacts on nature, animals, and the atmosphere. The whole picture is covered by turbid color making animal figures and other symbols that are difficult to be distinguished from each other. I use the first one to be my final artwork.


Day 1

Day 2