MND Hermia’s Magazine Cover

On my magazine cover for Hermia from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, I decided to feature the sections “Hermia’s Marriage trouble” and “The Real Cost” on the cover because it suggested the main conflict of the play, from lines 20 to 127, Hermia was given the choice of getting married to Demetrius, appointed by her father Egeus, become a nun, or put to death according to the laws of Athens.


I included the section “How to make everyone love you 101” on the cover because it showed some features of Hermia as a character. The dialogue between Hermia and Helena showed some characteristics of Hermia and why Helena is jealous of her. From lines 194 to 198, Hermia claims even when she frowns to Demetrius, even when she gives him curses, and the more she hates him, Demetrius loves her still. Hermia says that is not her fault, but Helena claims that it is no fault but her beauty. This tells us something about Hermia’s physical appearance, that she is so beautiful that people love her even when she has a horrible attitude towards them.