How To Stop Time Book Cover



I chose to have a rose in the centre of my book cover for How to Stop Time by Matt Haig because it is a well-known symbol of love, as the book suggests a theme of love. The rose also represents the character Rose (Tom’s wife from the Middle Ages) as everything he sees or does, from the past and of his “future,” reminds him of his lost lover.


“All you can do with the past is carry it around, feeling its weight slowly increase, praying it never crushes you completely.” (Page 61)


The two hands reaching for the rose represents the past and the future of the main character Tom Hazard, because he was always searching for love, reaching out to love in his past and later on in the “future” of the book. The rose is growing out from the hourglass (a symbol of time that also represents a theme in How to Stop Time,) to show love from time, and the love that Tom had felt from the time he spent with Rose and Camille. I chose this background because the colour blue represents tranquility, calmness, and depression like Tom is in most of the novel. The background fades a little in the middle, to focus on the rose in the centre of the cover.


I chose to use the font “Black Ops One” for the title because it had a geometric look to it, and reminded me of the “future.” I used the quote “And, just as it only takes a moment to die, it only takes a moment to live.” because it represented the theme of time in the novel in a simple sentence, and it is a quote that hooks the reader and keeps the reader interested in what will happen in the novel. The one-cent recommendations are from JK Rowling and the Guardian because JK Rowling is the world-wide famous author of the Harry Potter series and The Guardian is a Newspaper from Britain, just like the author of How to Stop Time, Matt Haig. (used to create book cover)

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