Polymer Journal #3

As mentioned in the previous journal, we used guar gum and water instead of PVA glue, and tide detergent instead of borax solution. All of our tests and prototype were based on three basic materials: guar gum, water, and Tide detergent. Based on some research, slime made with guar gum creates a more watery and jiggly slime, which is the first property we expected the slime to have. Instead of following tutorials, we wanted to experiment with our own measurements of the ingredients. We started off with 2 grams of guar gum with 30 ml of water and created a slime. For each prototype, we twitched with the amount of guar gum or the amount of water we use, until we had the perfect slime that had a consistency that we were happy with. During the process, we found out the more the guar gum, the rubberier the slime was. Because of this property, we estimated the ratio of guar gum (g) to water (ml), which was approximately 1:50. Afterward, we also added one more ingredient to our recipe: shaving foam. It was a good addition to the recipe because it made the texture of the slime fluffier and softer to play with, and it is also biodegradable. For this ingredient, we also played around with the amount we put in each prototype to make it the perfect consistency.



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