Polymer Journal #4

For prototype 1, we started with 3 grams of guar gum and 30ml of water. It created a rubbery slime that was too hard to squeeze. Prototype 1 was bouncy and held its shape well. It had a hard-putty texture rather than a slime consistency. Prototype 1 was so hard that it couldn’t be molded into a ball shape, as it didn’t stick to itself well. Because of this, we used less guar gum for prototype 2. We used 2 grams of guar gum to 50 ml of water. This created a softer slime compared to prototype 1, but it was still quite hard. It was perfect for a harder stress ball for more stress. However, it is not very stretchy and breaks quite easily when squeezed in your hands. At the time, we only had plans to have a perfect slime for one stress ball, and prototype 1 or 2 were not the perfect slime that we had in mind. For prototype 3 we reduced the amount of guar gum again, to 1 gram, and added more water (50ml). At first, the slime didn’t look like it was coming together, but after playing with it for a while, it became a gooey slime. It was very stretchy and soft. It was the perfect slime we had in mind. Despite its consistency, prototype 3 did not hold its shape and “melted” on the table. Finally, prototype 4 had the same recipe as prototype 3, but with the addition of shaving foam. Prototype 4 was our group’s favourite out of all of them. It was soft like prototype 3, but it held its shape much better. It “melted” much slower than prototype 3. Despite its good qualities, like prototype 3, it is not bouncy at all and doesn’t hold its shape as well as prototype 1 and 2 does.


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