Define and Inquire – MISO map

Define and Inquire is an important step in the Design Process because it allows you to approach the problem and break important parts of the problem down to something that is easier to understand and develop on. Steps of MISO supports the Define and Inquire stage because it allows us to further develop and determine answers to our compelling and supporting questions.



Design Cycle #1 Reflections

In the future, I will continue to improve my work by using feedback from peers and teachers. I also believe I did a pretty good job in developing a plan for my design. However, I will try to avoid jumping to conclusions after defining the problem. This is not efficient in the process of design because it does not allow me to consider other precedents and solutions. It sets my mind to one particular idea and cann0t consider other solutions.

When brainstorming ideas, I started with one idea and elaborated on it to create the next solution. I used “combine” the most because of this. Personally, I will use this strategy again because it helped me a lot to generate solutions and options to the problem. I enjoyed doing this in the planning stage because it allowed me to switch from one set solution to multiple options. When designing the product/system, I didn’t consider too much about responsible design, so I would definitely like to consider it from the beginning of the design process next time.

My poster shows that I’m an organized learner because I organized my poster in a way that you can read and see each section clearly.


Design Challenge #1 D-Log Presentation Goals

I made some changes to my presentation of my design, The Delivery Circle, during the presentation process. Firstly, after being informed of the problem of the design challenge, I jumped straight to the solution of building a bridge to fix the problem of damage after a storm. However, throughout the design process, I started to consider more about responsive design and how long my design would last. I received really positive feedback on the content of my presentation and how well I presented orally. Personally, I think I can have more detailed and planned content in my presentation, more deliberate gestures that could help me put emphasis on my words and the content, and can speak more smoothly during the presentation