Design Cycle #2 D-Log Define and Inquire Unit

In the Define and Inquire unit, I focused on the research question “How can language barriers affect the experience of a customer’s Didi ride?” Following a tool development flow chart, I clearly established the background of both the audience and the research question, created a component justification and created a tool which I used to collect necessary data to develop hypotheses towards the research question.

First of all, I decided upon the research question because it is a problem that my friends face whenever they use rideshare apps. Whenever we take a Didi together, I am always the only one that speaks to the driver because I am a native Chinese speaker; however, that made me think about how my friends would react to this situation when they take a Didi without a Chinese speaker.

A previous data collection tool I developed for the Capstone project inspired me to create a survey for my tool. The survey I created last year showed me a variety of data regarding people’s opinion towards a specific problem, which is exactly the same type of data I need for this design cycle. Therefore, I created a short ten-question survey that collects both qualitative and quantitative data.

Originally, my hypothesis for the research question was “The lower the Chinese proficiency level, the worse the Didi experience.” However, after collecting data, the hypothesis proved to be untrue. Compared to the original hypotheses, the ratings received from the interviewees are all 4 and above, with one exception. This could be because interviewees could avoid communication or have minimal communication with the drivers if the Chinese skill level is low. Today, with the technology industry soaring, a large number of translation apps are offered. Didi users with language barriers could simply translate using a phone app and show the translation to the driver.

In the future, I would like to continue practising creating concise, effective and efficient interview questions. Although my tool was a survey with mostly ratings out of 5, I need to make my qualitative questions more effective in terms of collecting accurate data.