E-Learning English 9 Humour Unit Reflection

E-learning was something that I never thought that I would encounter in my education career. I never thought that I had to self-discipline for months and work alone through all of my assignments. I always saw myself as a pretty efficient and productive worker when it comes to getting tasks done. However, being stuck at home, with no peers around me to pressure and motivate me to do better, I have been slacking off a little, which means I have not achieved the SMART goal I had set for myself at the beginning of the unit. When I first set the goal of not procrastinating and getting everything done, I was sticking to the plan pretty well. But then, the first check-in rolled around, and I realized that I was already running behind. In retrospect, I had already prepared a Plan B for myself when I set myself due dates, without notice. This reflective blog post was set to due on June 1st, a time I set as a goal for myself, thinking that I would have two extra days to spare just in case I procrastinated. And I was right.


Despite these challenging, I must acknowledge the things I succeeded in this unit. Without much help, I was able to work on my assignments with a lot of effort even if it meant delaying the due date by a few days. I am proud of the energy I had put into my work and have learnt a lot during this unit about humour. Previously, I never put much thought into poetic techniques and their links to humour. I would read a poem, give a little laugh, and then flip to the next page. However, after analyzing poems and plays, I now put more thought into what I am reading and how the author created different effects on me as the reader.


Lastly, reflecting on SAL criteria “Responsibility” and “Attitude,” I think I am around Satisfactory in both strands. Compared to before quarantine and e-learning, I can be certain that I met satisfactory or exemplary. However, I now can only say that I am Satisfactory most of the time. There are certainly times where I think I can improve, which is one of my goals for 10th Grade. Next year, I want to apply more self-discipline in my learning and focus on work efficiency. I think that it is essential to be self-disciplined as a learner, which I am lacking in. Because there is no teacher to monitor me, it is easy for me to get distracted by YouTube or other websites. I hope to develop an effective learning method for next year.

Independent Reading Check-in #1

Over this past month, I was able to finish one book and am currently working on a second, The Bell Jar. I did not meet my first goal because I wasn’t able to finish this second book in the course of two weeks, but I am not giving up on it. I will give myself some time to finish because it is a higher levelled book and requires higher levelled reading skills. Although I did not meet my first goal, I met my second and third because I am not giving up on The Bell Jar and it is more academic reading compared to The Dressmaker. I will try to finish The Bell Jar as soon as possible


Independent Reading

The book I chose fr independent reading is The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang. I chose this book because it is a graphic novel and I haven’t taken time to enjoy a graphic novel for a while. I also really like the style of the novel.

Some reading goals for this year:

  • I would like to read at least one book every 2 weeks.
  • I would like to enjoy the books I choose, and not give up on each book.
  • I would also like to choose both academic books that I can be more thoughtful about and books for entertainment.