Final Reflective Blog Post- English9 Humor

Through this unit of humor, I have learned a lot of meaningful things about how to create a humorous effect. I learned that writers use language to establish their mood of a piece of writing, delivers their tone of the writing as well. The set of languages used by the writers allows us, the readers to image the situation that, this way the readers will be able to well understand the real purpose and meaning of the piece of writing.

One thing that I hope we could learn more about is to learn the way or continue to practice analyzing the text and discover the actual theme and topic of the writing. What the writer is actually trying to tell us. The SMART goal I set for myself in this unit was to successfully well understand the actual purpose, and meaning of the poems, and the texts properly by reading them several times in order to understand the techniques used, context with accuracy. In my opinion, I feel like the poetry part was more successfully done comparing to the Journal part. In

In the beginning, I had no idea what the poem was about, I absolutely understood the context on the direct perspective, meaning I did not deeply understand. However, I tried to read and analyzed the poem several times repeating the steps of erasing and writing and finally I founded out the actual meaning by using the context clues, or details that the writer had applied to the poem. In the end, I was curious about, what was it that I did not understand the poem for the first time? I compared all the annotations that I have done. It clearly showed that at the first trial, I have only discovered the simple and analyzed from the direct view, but at the last trial, I have shown an indirect perspective, where I used clues of dates, lifestyles of the characters. The most challenging area for me about this unit was that we were supposed to analyze and discover the real message that the author is trying to deliver to the readers, which is a tough part since deeper thinking, and analyzing will be required in order to find out the way of the usage of language that the writers use. I feel I have shown successes in the poetry unit, where a deep understanding and analysis is needed by reading the poem a few times. Succession to find out the actual, accurate message by analyzing the usage of language, figurative language, such techniques from the writer that was given by the author.

For this unit of humor, in my opinion, I have reached the exemplary area, and the reason is that I have met all deadlines only following my own plan that I wrote at the beginning of the unit. I have wisely used my time to complete the tasks as best as I could. Moreover, for the preparation part, I have prepared before zoom classes, or other tasks watching videos that were given out, documents, or student examples in order to successfully write my analysis for this unit. I tried my best to understand the methods, the ways to understand the concept of this unit by researching for additional resources about humor, how to make humor, and more…

Lastly, for this unit, I have tried my best to request feedback from my peers, for example, I have earned some feedbacks of writings to my sister, asked my friends about the text, where it sounds strange or out of track. Also, I have actively used my feedbacks from the teachers, and also asked for feedback to them and revised my texts that made my writing clearer, and understandable. However, I will still need to show more active actions for asking support for my learning as well so that I will improve myself, and my work in the future. Therefore, I grade myself as exemplary for the two areas of time management and preparation, and satisfactory for the area of willingness to accept feedback.

In the area of the attitude, through this unit, I have inserted a full effort as best as I could even if there were some inaccurate answers as well. Though I challenged myself to pick a poem where I totally was not able to understand the inner meaning or message from the writer, however, I have set realistic and initiative goals that I have read tons of times to understand the usage of language, context clues that were provided, and the support from teachers, where they have given out feedbacks and told the wrong areas that I interpreted, and had told us the accurate answer for each technique. Also, I have reflected my self a lot afterward, I still tried my best to understand the accurate technique and reflect myself why I was not able to get this part accurate, and some notes of mistakes that I should not make in the future. Therefore, I grade myself as an example of Independent learning and perseverance. Due to the unexpected situation of the coronavirus, it is true that we were not able to understand the concept clearly since we had all works through online, still, I tried to point our ideas myself, by analyzing the texts with different ideas or responses, therefore, we had less time to make contact with teachers, or classmates face to face, therefore I grade myself as Satisfactory for engagement. Something that I should continue to show improvement is to develop myself in analyzing the text with accuracy by reading several times until I can understand. I also learned that it is extremely important to focus on every single word from the text, especially for the poetry area, there were a lot of hints contained in words that I did not really focus on at the beginning. My goals for my learning in English 10 are to read a lot of times until I get familiar with and to focus on every word even if they do not look important. In English 10, I will continue to manage my time well and to improve my skills to analyze the proper usage of the languages.



A Journey to the End: Capstone project

Polymer project:#5

Petting zoo’s BAT!!

Our biggest success was that when the bat gets to feed, meaning when the sensor operates it will move the wings and make a bat sound. By stabling the wood stick on the motor so that it will touch the wings of the bat and make it wiggle.

If I did this project again,  I would use less amount of time to design our robots. For example, painting, cutting pieces and combining them together, and making some of the decorations on it. I would use more time on planning the areas of the motors, and the sensor.

One thing that I’d like to change is the size of the robot, particularly the area of the body. Because of the size of our bat, we struggled to connect two motors together to let the wings of the bat wiggle before we choose to use another method which we used the wooden stick on the motor. Also, we could have made areas to place the sensors or the motors safely so that we wouldn’t have to worry about them to fall down or break apart which would lead to the worst situation.

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