A Journey to the End: Capstone project

Polymer project:#5

Petting zoo’s BAT!!

Our biggest success was that when the bat gets to feed, meaning when the sensor operates it will move the wings and make a bat sound. By stabling the wood stick on the motor so that it will touch the wings of the bat and make it wiggle.

If I did this project again,  I would use less amount of time to design our robots. For example, painting, cutting pieces and combining them together, and making some of the decorations on it. I would use more time on planning the areas of the motors, and the sensor.

One thing that I’d like to change is the size of the robot, particularly the area of the body. Because of the size of our bat, we struggled to connect two motors together to let the wings of the bat wiggle before we choose to use another method which we used the wooden stick on the motor. Also, we could have made areas to place the sensors or the motors safely so that we wouldn’t have to worry about them to fall down or break apart which would lead to the worst situation.

Summer Reading!

Polymer project: Journal #4

During the experience, our group decided to change our specific goal from safety polymers that may be played by kids and could be accidentally swallowed to a teether toy that is safe for kids to lick or bite it.

Desired properties:

(A picture of a prototype)

Citation: https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/orajel-back-teeth-teether-toy-by-munchkin/6000094390349







Data table for physical properties of our “Polyther”

(1: Not at all, 3: Mostly, 5: Totally) 

Prototype # Physical Property: 


Physical Property: 

Level of Odor 

 Physical Property: 



Physical Property: 


Physical Property: 




Prototype 1 5


3 2 2 4
  • Difficult to stretch 
  • Sticky 


Prototype 2 1


3 5 1 1
  • Liquid type


Prototype 3 5



3 3 2
Prototype 4 5



4 3 4 2  




1 4 1 1 1


5 3 4 4


4 3 2


2 4
  • Soft 
  • Not sticky 
  • Solid type  


3 3 2 4









Polymer project: Journal #3



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