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Process for Culture Tradition and Change

January 27th 2021

Sophie’s Feedback

Compliments: I like the process of how you made the background by mixing different colors and textures together.

Question: Do you plan on connecting the background to the concept of your artwork?

Suggestion: Perhaps make the background connect to the overall concept of the artwork somehow.

Sophia’s Feedback

Compliments: I like the color choice of the background and your concept about the different cultures through lunches.

Question: Since you forgot your foam pieces at school, how will you create a 3-D piece to your artwork?

Suggestion: Use more cool colors to contrast with the warm colors and to bring more emphasis to the center of your piece!

January 25th 2021 – First Online Class!

I accidentally forgot my foam pieces at school so in the middle of painting I tried to look for some cardboard pieces but could not find some in time. That is why I was not sure if I should paint the middle part of the painting. I will continue to look for some cardboard for the next class and if not I will just paint on them on! 🙂



  • Which idea did you choose for your final artwork? How can you include visual culture into your idea to show the time and place?

The idea I chose for my final artwork is a representation of my friends during lunch that bring in different types of home lunches that represent their home country. To show the time and place, I drew in a globe which resembles a circular lunch table and my friends sitting around as if they were eating lunch together.

  • What medium or combination of media do you plan to use for your final artwork? Why did you select this medium and how can you improve your skills in this medium or media before you start your final work?

The combination of media I plan to use is acrylic with bits of 3d works that pop out of the drawing to add emphasis to the different types of food. I chose acrylic because I feel as though the color payoff can create realistic objects and for the 3d bits I chose to add emphasis to certain parts of the artwork. I plan to practice a little sketch with acrylic to get used to the medium.

  • What color combination will you use for your final project and why?

I plan to go with colors that are neutral in tone instead of bright ones because also the artwork is abstract I still want to convey a sort of realistic aspect to the artwork.


  1. Hi Sunni! I really like the idea of using different lunch boxes to convey culture, as it’s something that a lot of students here can relate to. I also noticed that your artwork has good balance and a clear structure.

    One suggestion I have (to make the food more of a focal point) is to create more of a contrast between the Earth and the food. What if you make the Earth’s colours less saturated, and make the food’s colors more saturated? Or what if you give the Earth really cool colours and the food really warm colors?

    (One last note, I like how you’re going to make certain parts of the artwork actually pop out and become 3D, I think I’m going to steal that for my idea 🙂 )

  2. I really like the idea of the 3D works that pop out, this would make your piece more eye catching. The color usage is also nice, you had chosen comforting colors. Food is a great representation of culture, one suggestion is that, maybe make the clothing of your friends represent their culture instead of leaving it empty.
    Overall, this is a great idea, hope to see your final piece soon.

  3. Hi Sunni! I really like how you used the Earth to connect your three characters, I also like how you separated them with eating utensils. I believe that your artwork is narrative and I admire how you placed the food on the focal point. I look forward to seeing your 3D artwork!

  4. Hey Sunny

    I like how you divided the earth into three parts. This gives balance to the overall artwork as all of the figures and utensils are in the same size. The lunch box and the utensils also gives a sense of different culture. But, they are all in the same earth which also shows how society is connected and united. Perhaps there could be more hints on the lunch box like brands or flags on the lunch box which could more clearly show which section is which culture.

    Perhaps you could use more composition in your work like the rule of thirds for more emphasis on the three figures. Also, there could be more color contrast as there is suppose to be a difference between each figure for a more clear focal element and high contrast.

  5. I like your idea of using lunchtime to express your ideas since I can relate to the different cultures being shown during lunch where a group of people is all sitting together. I like how you already have the shapes in a 3D form which can give your piece an effect where the important parts are popping out but maybe use different colors to make this even more obvious.

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