The Horror Genre
A short film should include one major concept or theme, one relationship or conflict and a resolution or plot twist for the end. As for horror, some camera angles that are used in horror films are wide shot taken from far away from the subject to showcase the isolation of the character which gives off an unsettling mood. Also, the dutch tilt is used often too as it creates an imbalance in the film. The dark voyeur farming technique is also commonly used to initiate a subject that is being stalked or hunting by another creature. As for the lighting, it is suggested that underexposing is effective as it leaves areas of the frame in the shadows, this called obscuring through lighting, making a more mysterious feeling. This can be achieved through shooting through objects or elements. Another type of lighting technique filmers use is called distorting through light where uplighting, silhouette, and prominent shadows can distort a subjects features so that they can not be seen clearly. Sounds that these horror films use include horror chords or chords that are out of tune, increasing rhythm, dynamics such as sudden loud sounds, and foley sounds were they mix two different sounds together to add more color to the other all sound.

According to the website filmsite, should be designed to scare, create panic, captivate, and entertain the viewer all at the same time. In addition, key elements a horror film should include are the characters, fear, emotions, storyline, and a killer ending that feels a lasting impression on the viewer.


Cinematography Tips For Horror Filmmakers

3 Elements Of Short Film Structure You Need To Know

Horror In Context
All over the world different places have different cultures in which one people may find one a certain film scary as another would not. For example, a person that follows a religion compared to a person who does not may find a horror film about religion scarier because they would be more knowledgeable about the topic. Some examples of famous religious films are, The Devils (1971), The Exorcist (1973), and The Omen (1976). Another example would be horror films about world issues such as poverty, a famous film example of the social pyramid would be Parasite (2016). As for my upbringing and cultures, since we currently live in a a world where an infectious disease is spreading around, films that encompass ideas like this, for example, a zombie apocalypse would increasing become scarier for our generation. Another example could be about my cultural background of being Korean and so horror films that are about my culture would seem scary too as I connect to the content of it more.


Inspiration for my Film
For my film I would like to explore camera shots such as first starting off as a wide shot but then getting closer and closer to a close up with an increasing rhythm to build tension in my story. In addition, a dark atmosphere and an inclosed area (my house and rooms) for the setting would also be idea to suspenseful mood throughout the story. Filming at night may also be a good idea to enhance the mood of fright and fear. Manipulating the a light source may also help with creating tension or making an emphasis one a certain subject. To ensure emotional impact I will attempt to make the viewer have a close relationship with the character in the film about their feelings and intentions by perhaps using closeups in front of the character.