Two friends end up sleeping through an after school study session and as they attempt to get out of the school they realize someone is chasing them.



In an empty classroom, two friends, Ari and Grey, realize they have stayed in a longer than they should have. Ari looks at her phone but all of a sudden it begins to malfunction and make a screeching loud with a monster face shown on the screen. She drops the phone in shock and tells Grey that they need to get out of the school. Before the Grey could answer, they hear a banging on one of the doors. They behind to stack anything they could find against the door until they the banging disappears. Then suddenly a different door forcefully opens leaving them terrified. After a few seconds, Ari signals to Grey that they need to get out of the classroom and they begin to step slowly towards the open door.  Then when they reach the open door they see nothing out of the ordinary and proceeds to exit the room. As they go out into the hallway, the door shuts behind them and they proceeds to run across the hallway. As they run they hear footsteps getting closer and closer towards them. When Ari gets closer to the exit of school, she trips and looks back and realizes her friend disappeared. Ari gets up and continues to run away until something grabs onto her shoulder. A monster looking thing is shown at the end and the story is left as a cliffhanger.


The protagonist, a high school student named Ari, is one of the top students in her school and priorities her studies leaving her constantly tried. She is also quite assertive and she likes to solve problems in the most logical and quickest way. In addition, she is quite independent so she tends not to ask others for help or collaborate well with her peers.

The antagonist in this story is the “monster” in which the girls are being stalked and chased by. The monster’s appearance only shows up twice and is shown to scare the viewers therefore the monster does not have a definite personality.

Ari’s friend Grey is an extra that disappears at the end of the film. Unlike Ari, she does not find studying a priority through since she has been having trouble with improving her grades she asks Ari. She enjoys collaborating with her peers; she usually listens and follows instead of leading a conversation or idea.