Monday (3/22)

On Monday, we planned our story and created our synopsis. Also, we tested the scene where the character turns around and sees their friend but the second time he turns around he becomes scared. In addition, we tried to see if the video that Dahun and Harry made could fit into our story, but in the end, we decided to emit the video.

Summary / Synopsis 

Two friends, Dahun and Harry, enter a boardgame club and realize there are no teachers or students. Despite this fact, they still continue to search for a boardgame. Finally, they find a boardgame that they have never seen before and begin to play it. After Harry asks the boardgame some miscellaneous questions such as “when will I get a girlfriend.” The boardgame answers and Harry becomes shocked by this fact. Then he asks the boardgame if there are any ghosts in the room; the boardgame answers yes. Dahun becomes scared and runs away from the room. Suddenly, weird things begin to happen around Harry when he is alone in the room which causes him to run out of the room as well. During his runaway someone pats his shoulder, he realizes it is Dahun. When his shoulder is tapped again it turns out that it is the monster!!!!!!!!AhHHHhHHHh.

Test Film #1 (The shoulder turn) 

Test Film

Wednesday (3/24)

Today, we tried to sketch out a plan of how to create the opening to our film so that it is intriguing and creates a mood of suspense. Also, we tested out some shots we think we would implement in our film, we used a special device to film these shots. Some of the shots include OTS, ECU, CU, WS, and more.

P2170090 P2170093 P2170096 P2170100 P2170103

Friday (3/26)

Today we will test out the same shots we did on Wednesday as well as some extra shots if we have time. Practice taking the beginning of the film. Work on the storyboard. Today we will be certified for the stabilizer.

What I actually did today: We tested out a new shot that will help us film our introduction. In addition, as I was helping Emily with her film I learned that an ideal aperture would be around 5, ISO to be around 800, and the white balance at around 3800K.



Wednesday (4/7)

In this class, we will film the hardest part which is the part where Harry runs away and Dahun taps him on the shoulder. During the break, we will make the monster! We plan to film this video in the film room.


Friday (4/9)

Today we finished the beat sheet document and took some practice shots.