Hero Scene Analysis

What is the purpose of the scene that you have chosen and how have language and filmic techniques been employed to achieve that purpose?


The film “Hero” by Chinese director ZhangYi Mou is a martial arts film that shows different perspectives and versions of the story and characters as they progress towards their goal. After the death of Flying Snow, Broken Sword and Nameless fight on a lake in a serious and heavy atmosphere. In the scene from 1:00:00-1:03:00, Zhang Yimou applies angles, setting, and sound to better show the mental state of Broken sword as well as to honor the death of Flying Snow.

Close up or far away shots of the characters or objects are significant as they emphasize the facial expression of the characters, bring out their emotions, as well as the key items. Broken Sword’s feeling towards Flying Snow can be seen from the zoomed in shot of him wiping the water off her face. As Nameless walks away at the end, the different shots show us the distance between them though only having zoomed in shots of their face as they salute to each other. The peaceful ending shows Nameless’ sympathy for the death of Flying Snow resulting in respect for each other in the end.

The characters are encompassed by mountains and trees while the lake is below their feet. With nature being the environment they’re in and with the combination of the clear water and the blue shade of the setting, the main emotion communicated through was grief and a calmness. The surface of the water has no ripples, bringing this sense of serenity and tranquility. This along with the somewhat hopeless expression of Broken Sword gives the audience an understanding of his mental state at that moment, which is sadness. Water can also be a symbolism for power. As water has no definite shape, the swords that pierce through the water do not damage. Like Broken Swords mind during that time, nothing can harm the true love he has for Flying Snow.

Though there is no dialogue, non-diegetic sounds are used to compliment and reduce the intensity of the fighting scene. To set the whole mood of this scene, no dialogue was used. Instead, Zhang Yimou magnified the sounds of the water and swords. The crisp and fresh sound of water does not create an intense atmosphere which would be conflicted with the mood of the characters. Along with the slow effects of Broken Swords and Nameless running on the surface of the water, the sound that was produced was smooth, adding to the calm flow of this scene.

The combination of non-diegetic sounds, setting, and different angle of shots are used to deliver the emotions of the characters as well as give context about what’s happening and foreshadow later events by amplifying the small details that are not transparent. By using these factors for this specific scene, Zhang Yimou can clearly communicate Broken Swords emotion as well as carrying the story forward by ending with the honoring of Flying Snow.


My Propaganda Poster

Stop wasting your food

Link to poster above↑

This is a poster made by me with the general idea of the poster about food waste. The problem I wanted to point out was the amount of food we waste. By using the different propaganda techniques, I wanted to present this topic to the audience in a serious way, hoping to make them reflect on wasting food and their involvement in it with the result of making them act accordingly or be more aware of this problem. The purpose of the propaganda technique i used were to make the audience feel guilty.

Color: I used mainly shades of black for the background. Black can symbolize a variety of feelings but the main purpose i choose black as the background and for the vibe is because black to me and in this case, symbolize death or emptiness. The reason I made the picture black and white is because it gives off the feeling of desolation. It makes the audience feel like something is missing and in this case, it’s supposed to show that theirs a lack of food for the children in the picture. In addition to the picture, the question “do you want to see children starve” combined with the dark picture shows how children are starving to death because of the lack of food. This can also affect the audience as they might pity the children. Red is used for emergencies and it is also used frequently when theres danger. I used to red to provoke the audience to try to make them focus on those words. Those words and ideas in red are the main ideas i wanted to put forth.

Visuals: The picture is of my brother and I. In the picture, we are focused on different assortments of bread and baked goods behind the glass. The reason i chose this photo was because i wanted the audience to feel bad cause it showed two kids looking like they’re craving for food. They’re so close yet so far away because they are only admiring the food from other side of the glass. The picture connects to pathos as it tries to connect to the audience emotionally. The trash can is also to point out the main problem since people throw away their food into the trash can.

I made some of the texts bold so the audience would focus more on those words. The quote was put in there to also try to make the audience reflect or connect on an emotional level. The main technique i used was pathos. I made up an organization and their website to make the audience trust the source. This connects to ethos. This would help the audience know where it’s coming from and the background of the source. Making the organization name and website seem professional can boost the trust of the audience.


Trash can-https://cn.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=oZmaR9mW&id=27828FFC992F8E1DDD4AFEA4BA0F1AB2E91682CF&thid=OIP.oZmaR9mWH7b6DkbfE_PQAAHaJ4&mediaurl=https%3a%2f%2ftse1-mm.cn.bing.net%2fth%2fid%2fR-C.a1999a47d9961fb6fa0e46df13f3d000%3frik%3dz4IW6bIaD7qk%252fg%26riu%3dhttp%253a%252f%252fvignette3.wikia.nocookie.net%252fgrouches%252fimages%252fb%252fbe%252fTrash_Can.jpg%252frevision%252flatest%253fcb%253d20120409143605%26ehk%3dua7XdpTCPgHiVWdCxUk3AwW4v%252fo%252bBm726%252fvSxjbz8Ks%253d%26risl%3d%26pid%3dImgRaw%26r%3d0&exph=1600&expw=1200&q=trashcan&simid=608038069269839291&FORM=IRPRST&ck=72F692F57963F469F1386AA5E347C19D&selectedIndex=10&ajaxhist=0&ajaxserp=0



Propaganda Poster Reflection

I think an important part that all the propagandas shared was symbolism. This includes the visual, colors, the use of language both in text form and also shown through body language. I think the bandwagon effect was also something most groups had in common since most of propagandas purpose was to persuade the audience to join and participate. The Chinese in the posters are shown as powerful, loyal, and respected. An example would be Chairman Mao in the posters. He was shown as welcoming and bright like the sun. The Chinese in the posters about North Korea and America were shown as people who were overpowering others. The member of other groups, specifically America were shown as weak people as they were on the ground and being help in the arm by the Chinese soldier.

Rhetorical Triangle

How does the rhetorical triangle work together to help a speaker or writer to achieve their particular purpose?


The six elements of the rhetorical triangle work together to help you create a basis and develop your idea and what you are trying to persuade and bring to others. By going through the six elements, each one helps you build a stable argument. Exigence is the catalyst and factor that inspires you to write or speak. Helps you form a foundation for what you are going to talk about. By learning the audiences background, you have a better understanding of what they think and believe. This helps create a emotional appeal to the audience which will help better persuade them(Pathos). Ethos focuses on the role of the writer in the argument and whether they are trustworthy. It’s the emotions that the writer expresses. Different from pathos which is what emotions the writer wants to show the audience. By figuring out the context in which the situation is in, you will be able to tell the writer’s purpose and message. You can see the rhetorical triangle and the six elements as Lego blocks. Each one affects the other and is connected. By looking deeper into these elements and following these steps, you will be able to better persuade your audience.




Our Capstone movie is about SDG goal #6 Water and Sanitation. Our movie includes information on water and sanitation is beijing as well as at ISB and how ISB provides us with clean water. It shows us why and what we should do to improve our water. The process of making our movie didn’t take that long. We first planned out the scenes we wanted in our movie. Maxim wrote the script and we started to film the next day. After we filmed the scenes, we found background music and then started to edit and cut the clips. Recording us speaking didnt take long. Since i have made movies using imovie, it wasnt that hard cutting and splitting the clips. We were able to finish everything in time because Maxim and I were able to complete our job we were assigned to eachother. We were able to work together and use our time wisely. I was able to finish editing in time and Maxim also found many of the videos and we did all of that in a small amount of time.

Polymer Journal #4

Since we didn’t have enough time to make a variety of prototypes using different materials we just went with the one we made that had our ideal physical properties. We first tried making the gelatin melt completely so it would look clear and like jelly but after the gelatin hardened, we found out that the substance was not good for using it as a flower pot/ base. It would rip easily when we tried to mold it. It had the physical properties of jelly. The second one we made, which is our finally product we decided it would be made out of, was made from not completely melting the gelatin. The properties of this one was hard and sturdy. The color was still yellow, but it was strong, so we decided the material of the flower pot would be made out of this. The limitations of our product might be the temperature it can be in, when it will biodegrade, and if it is waterproof. We are not sure about those things because we had no time test it and to collect data. Right now, we don’t have enough data to provide an answer to those problems. The thing we wanted to focus on if we had more time is making the melted gelatin into a mold of the flower pot. The clear one is the one we tried to make first and the second one is what we want the flower pot to be made out of.

Polymer Journal #5

Claim: Our second prototype, the yellow one made out of gelatin, was the most successful.

We cannot determine which one was the best with the amount of prototypes we have right now. The second one was the best out of all the protoypes we made includig the one with glue, borax, and guar gum. From the texture of the gelatin to what it’s like when we stretch it, it was the closest to what we wanted. We choose that as our final material becuase it was 100% biodegradabel which was sustainable, but the others we made either had borax and glue, or just not sturdy and strong enough to hold up a flower.

Gelatin is made by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones in water, and is used is prosucts like soap amd shampoo. Gelatin is also used to make jelly. Gelatin is made out of long protein strings and the protein it’s made out of is collagen. Gelatin also contains nitrogen which banefits the plant.

5. The design process was hard because you had to gather information, make your polymer, and test it to see if it works. It was hard coming up with accurate measurements and the recipe for the right texture of your ideal polymer. It was also hard for us because our team changed our idea so with less time, it was hard for us to make and test our polymer. After that, we made the ppt that we were going to share to the Dream on Team. I think we spent the most time on trying to make our polymer because it was hard for us to get the right texture of the material it was going to be out of. When we presented our product pitch to the Dream on Team, everything went well I think for me. We added the details of the polymer and who will be buying it. We also filled up some of the gaps and limitations of our polymer. I think next time we can provide an actually model of our product with a flower inside. I think the sustainability of our polymer is good because 100% of our polymer is made from biodegradable material and gelatin also benefits the plants. Next time, we need to run tests to actually back up the fact that it’s biodegradable, but I think that our flower pot can reduce plastic if it’s made in a good quality.

Polymer Journal #3

We want our polymer to be strong but flexible meaning that it will contain a large amount of dirt while being able to be sturdy so it won’t tear or break easily. When you hold the flower pot I your hands, the feeling of the polymer would be somewhat like jelly but also like rubber. We will try to use different biodegradable products to try to make a flower pot. We thought of using gelatin first and see if it will have the certain properties and texture of our ideal product. After that, we also wanted to try other substances that had a product similar to the product gelatin made. We will test these prototypes by planting a flower inside and recording the number of days in order for it to biodegrade. Another way to test its quality is to leave it in different temperatures and see if it changes. We might not be able to test it but form the materials we used pare going to be biodegradable. As you can see in the pic above, that is a picture of our model of the our real product. After it dries, the texture was what we wanted, but in order to make it environmentally friendly, we decided to change the recipe and use more biodegradable substances.

Polymer Journal #2

Our polymer is a flower pot. Unlike other flower pots, it’s biodegradable so you can plant it into the dirt and it will biodegrade. The goal of our polymer is to not only be a flower pot but also reduce common plastic flower pots people use every day. We choose to make this polymer because in our everyday lives we see plastic flower pots around markets and shops that sell flowers. The flower pots break easily due to the weight of the dirt. After it breaks, people would throw it into the trash can. Our polymer can hold the dirt and the flower without breaking. Our polymer is made out with gelatin and glycerol. Since gelatin is used for making jelly, the texture will be not that sticky and crisp. It will be in like a jelly like state, making it rubberlike. Our polymer will reduce the usage of plastic flower pot and plastic because it’s biodegradable. The flower pot won’t break because our flower pot would be flexible and stable at the same time. Our product will specifically be for those who sells flowers. Our product will also be useful for people who own a garden, arboretum, or farm. We think gelatin would be the best base polymer. Gelatin can form into something that looks like plastic but it’s not. It’s also very flexible and it won’t break easily.


Robot Petting Zoo

3 Thoughts

  • My biggest success was…

The biggest achievement we made during this process from building the robot to programing it and then finally sharing it, is probably getting our kangaroo to work in a short amount of time. We made mistakes throughout the process of making our robot so we made a lot of adjustments, but were able to code on time.

  • My biggest obstacle was…​

Our biggest obstacle was probably organizing the time to work on our robot. Since we had trips, we got less time to work on it together. We had to find a time where we could work on it after school.

  • Skills that I learned or developed were…​

When we were building the robot, I learned how to connect the different perices in different ways using different materials. I developed my coding skills when we were trying to make the nose move. I also learned how to connect the different wires to the arduino.

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