Foosball Table

For One Day, Grace and I decided to make a foosball table. We thought that we couldn’t be able to make it, but we finished it in time. We had to prepare all the supplies and measure everything. Our goal was to finish the foosball table in time so we would be able to display it.

It was very hard to poke the holes but we were able to do it. The sticks were kind of short so we broke one of the sticks into 4 pieces and glued it to the other sticks. It was difficult because it wasn’t very stable. and strong. It would often break and we would have to glue or tape it together. We had to make the holes bigger so it would be able to turn the sticks around.

It was also hard for us to cut out the goal and glue it together. We often got hurt because of the hot glue but it was ok.  I think the hardest part of the project was gluing the sticks together. The players weren’t difficult to make and it was easy to glue onto the sticks.

At last, we forgot to draw the court so we had to do it. I learned that you can do anything if you try or best you can do it. I had a great One Day with Grace and I successfully made our foosball table.