Panic by Lauren Oliver

The book, Panic, by Lauren Oliver, in a way, it has a similar idea and is kind of relative to the movie Nerve, by Jeanne Ryan. My main conflict in my book is man vs self. Heather the main character overcomes her fear of thing and faces many challenges to get what she desires. She had never thought of herself as a fearless kind of person who would fight. She had a sudden terror that she was going to lose her balance and go tumbling down the rocky slop, cracking her head in the shallows. (pg. 22)From this, we can tell that she has a fear of heights but instead of turning back, she jumps off. “Heather felt nausea rising in her throat. She hated guns.” (pg. 101) She is afraid of guns too but she reached for it. She finds something and someone to fight for, and she discovers that she is braver than she thinks. It also q


The movie Nerve, by Jeanne Ryan, also portrays this type of conflict. The main character, Vee, conquer her fears of trying new things. She seems like a shy person at first, but in the end, she became a person who was a risk taker and who stood up for herself. A part in the movie tells that Vee, she has to complete this challenge her friend was supposed to do but she gave up. Vee was confident and she crossed the ladder onto the other building without panicking even though she had trouble crossing and fear of heights. That shows us that she overcame her fear. She was also very shy at the beginning and afraid at what people would see her and think of her, but in the end, she stood up for herself and other people.

Independent Reading Exposition “Panic” by Lauren Oliver

Tina Liu 8-5

 Conflict in the book, Panic

By: Lauren Oliver

In the first few paragraphs of Panic, in the exposition, had conflict. I analysed the conflict of the book that was in the exposition. I think the conflict in my book is man vs man. Technically it the protagonist vs other peoplein a competition. I also think the conflict is also man vs self. She tries to overcome difficult challenges she is afraid of. She is competing in a game called Panic. Each summer, graduating seniors play life threatening, thrilling games, set up by anonymous judgesto win a lot of money. Heather, the protagonist and the main character decides to play. She wants to play because life is not easy for her. She has to take care of caring for her little sister. The conflict is that she needs to complete different challenges in order to win the game. From the quotes and sentences below, we can tell that Heather is afraid of jumping off and that she is maybe afraid of heights, but she overcomes her fears and jumps down. This is one challenge she faces. I’ll be cheering for you, Heather had said to Natalie. The guilt was there, throbbing alongside the nausea. (pg. 22) “I’m going to jump now before I chicken out.” – Heather (pg. 22) She had a sudden terror that she was going to lose her balance and go tumbling down the rocky slop, cracking her head in the shallows. (pg. 22) Her mouth tasted a little like puke. She took a deep breath. She closed her eyes. She jumped. (pg. 23) From this, we can tell that Heather is afraid of jumping off and that she is maybe afraid of heights, but she overcomes her fears and jumps down. This is one challenge she faces.

In my life, I also have to overcome my struggles like trying new things. In my life, I have to try things that I’m afraid of sometimes like doing things that I’m uncomfortable or afraid of. Sometimes I have to read a Chinese poem or prepare a show on special occasions in front of my family. I can be a very shy person sometimes. Also with just dealing with everyday problems likesometimes I have to demonstrate something in classes. I sometimes don’t know what to do. I am afraid of embarrassing myself.I sometimes compete with other people in my hockey competitions and other sports competitions.







Goals 2018-2019

Academic Goal: I will try to improve my math, science, and humanities skills this trimester.

I will study and do more problems to improve my skills in those subjects.

Wellness Goal: I will try and be more healthy and improve my hockey skills. 8-5 will do 30 sec to 1 minute and on of planks/squats to  improve our bodies every Monday.

I will try to eat healthy food and get a good amount of sleep. I will try to do my best in improving my hockey skills.

Personal Goal: I will try and say nice things and be nice to my brother everyday.

When he doesn’t have lunch money I will buy him lunch. I will say nice things to him everyday.

“The Monkey’s Paw” Found Poem


“The Monkey’s Paw” Found Poem

My found poem was created with the words of “The Monkey’s Paw”, by William W. Jacobs. In this story, a family is in their house playing chess and knitting, until a knock on the door. The guy is Sergeant Major Morris. He tells them about the mysterious “Monkey’s Paw”. They wish a wish with The Monkey’s Paw. Something tragic happens to their son and they try to bring him back to life. The theme is that fate rules peoples’ life and be careful what you do. Think about it before you do it.

My found poems concept is setting. My poem shows the setting of the place they’re at, which is their house. I showed the atmosphere inside the house and outside. “Outside, the night”, “cold and wet”, that describes the atmosphere outside. “But a fire burned brightly in the living small room” and “Playing chess, knitting by the fire”, describes what is happening in the inside of the house. The place was isolated with only two houses. That’s why I used “Isolated place” and “With only two houses in the road”. That shows that the setting is pretty scary. No one is around but only two houses in the road. I also used “Sound of door banging” and “Depressing silence”, to explain what was happening around. Cause this is a scary story, that set the tone for it. “Street lamp shone flickering” and “Quiet, deserted street” showed that was what it was like outside after they tried to bring him back to life. They were disappointed and misery broke from her wife. A sad, quiet, and deserted street. I used the picture with a house and a road lamp because that is like the setting outside. The fire represents what is inside. Even though it is wet and deserted outside, the inside was warm and cozy. That the pic with the guy putting his hand up to his mouth represents the quietness. The color of the background is dark because the setting of story seems dark and gloomy. I choose another font for cold and brightly because it really shows the temperate and atmosphere of the outside. Even though its cold outside. The fire inside burned brightly. Listen to the wind was also describing the setting. Like the sound of the wind outside. The other words with different fonts really describe the setting. What is it like, sound, and tone of the story.