“Friends for Life” by Andrew Norriss book cover

My book “Friends for Life”, by Andrew Norriss is about a little boy, Francis, meeting a ghost called Jessica. They help other children that are in trouble and change their personality and make them a better version of themselves. Jessica helps the kids at school but what is her real purpose. Why is she still here and why can Francis and the other kids see her? [spoiler alert!] At the end, another girl tries to suicide, but Jessica told Francis and they were able to save her. After that, Jessica slowly faded into the moonlight. I think that, that is why Jessica was there. To stop someone making the same mistake as her. “If it’s true,” she said, “that I’m here to stop you all making the same mistake I did, and I’ve done it… why am I still here?” Her purpose of staying there is because she was supposed to stop the kids form making the same mistake as her, suiciding.

“The conflict is man vs self and man vs society. It talks about something that is happening all around the world, which is suicide(man vs self). Also stressing out in school and being bullied(man vs society). I think the theme is about friendship  and the it’s not to late to change. To change to become a better person, version of yourself.

For my book cover, I had a lot of symbols representing the theme of the book. You can see Francis and Jessica on the ground. The tree symbolises growth. Francis, Jessica, and the other two kids grew a lot in this book. Not only their age, but their personality and them as a person too. The sunset and the moon also represents change. The colors of the flower are pink. Pink represents friendship. The warm colors of the sunset, red, orange, and yellow, also represents love and happiness. When the four of them were together, they felt happy. Blue, purple, and black represents sadness and lost. When Jessica died, Francis and Jessica’s family were sad. Also black represents death(death of Jessica). The two birds in the tree represents trying to achieve something and freedom. “Do you have ant idea,” she said eventually, “why you can see me, when no one else can?” “No,” said Francis. “Do you?” “Not really.” Jessica looked up. “But I wonder if maybe you were the one who could tell me what I was meant to do next.” (pg. 21) They achieved saving someones life and the purpose of why Jessica was there.

“It was , like so many things in life these days, absolutely delicious.” (pg. 231) In the end, they realise how great and precious their lives are. Even though its hard, there will be happy and sweet things too.

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