Polymer Journal #1



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Perkins, Sid. “Explainer: What Are Polymers?” Science News for Students, 13 Oct. 2017, www.sciencenewsforstudents.org/article/explainer-what-are-polymers.





Feed Characterisation

Imagine yourself flying to the moon where there are many stores and places to keep you entertained for hours. Go to a restaurant and eat with your friends, and at night, go to a night club to dance. Sounds fun right? The book Feed is set in the dystopian future where people have something called a “feed” in their brain. Feed is an advanced technology and entertainment system that is kind of like our phones today, giving us notifications, buy stuff, and it’s also a social network. The one of the main characters, Titus, is a teenage boy that went to the moon with his friends. He meets the other main character, Violet, and when they went to a party, a mysterious man hacked their feed. Waking up in the hospital, they learn about what happened to them, and that changed their life, personality, and thoughts. The character I chose to show their characterization in the book is Violet Durn.

Violet is someone who is tall and cold when you first meet or see her appearance. Throughout the book, in the beginning, Violet was the kind of girl who is smart and an introvert person. She isn’t interested in any trend and she very actual, like someone who is realistic. She isn’t the type of person who is chill, and that makes her unpopular. These things make her independent at the end. Violet is a teenage girl who is really smart. “And I sat there with my palms pressed into my forehead, thinking about Violet, at home being smart.” (pg. 110) When Titus saw her, he couldn’t stop starring at her. “She was the most beautiful girl, like, ever. She was watching our stupidity.” (pg. 13) “She had short blond hair. Her face, it was like, I don’t know, it was beautiful.” (pg. 13) Even though they got together, there are still times when Titus or his friends don’t like her personality. After the incident happened, Violet wanted to make herself an anonymous person, so feed couldn’t recognize her. When she talked about political topics or when she was talking about all these complicated things, Titus didn’t really like who she was at that time. “I hated it when she got like this, because then she wasn’t herself, I mean, she wasn’t like this playful person who drags me around the mall doing crazy shit…” (pg. 111) Lastly, she can be a little too sensitive which can be a good and a bad thing, but that leads to her being serious about the problem. “I breathed, loud and kind of angry. Why are we going away? Because they are making fun of me… well, maybe you shouldn’t, you know show off like that.” In the end, because of her awareness towards her malfunction, she becomes independent. Since she is actually smart, that helps her go through this journey, while Titus and his friends are still “controlled” by feed. Being independent is always a good way to solve problems, because you trust yourself.

I think Violet connects to this superhero in DC. Wonder woman. The world today has been aware of gender inequality and I think both characters show that there are female heroes. In the Wonder woman movie, she has been displayed as a character who is strong, independent, and compassionate hero. In some ways, Violet can relate with her personality. First off, wonder woman meets a boy who is a spy called Steve Trevor, but she leaves him to go fight in the war. Violet meets Titus but, in the end, she broke up with him and went by herself trying to fight feed. Wonder woman is the type of person who is devoted to her goals and has great belief and confidence in herself. Even when she goes through hard challenges, she eventually succeeds. To be invisible from feed, violet takes her time, gathering all the information and materials to do so. Even when Titus doesn’t help her, she would manage things by herself. When Titus friends have the opposite opinion as her, she sticks with it until the end, making her someone who is persistent, like Wonder woman. Lastly, curiosity leads both of them to find out the truth about the problem that everyone thinks it’s for the better. In the end, they both did it, either by themselves, or with the help of some family members, but, they both trusted and depended on themselves to make that change. “It’s not about what we deserve. It’s about what we believe.”- Wonder woman