Robot Petting Zoo

3 Thoughts

  • My biggest success was…

The biggest achievement we made during this process from building the robot to programing it and then finally sharing it, is probably getting our kangaroo to work in a short amount of time. We made mistakes throughout the process of making our robot so we made a lot of adjustments, but were able to code on time.

  • My biggest obstacle was…​

Our biggest obstacle was probably organizing the time to work on our robot. Since we had trips, we got less time to work on it together. We had to find a time where we could work on it after school.

  • Skills that I learned or developed were…​

When we were building the robot, I learned how to connect the different perices in different ways using different materials. I developed my coding skills when we were trying to make the nose move. I also learned how to connect the different wires to the arduino.

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