Polymer Journal #3

We want our polymer to be strong but flexible meaning that it will contain a large amount of dirt while being able to be sturdy so it won’t tear or break easily. When you hold the flower pot I your hands, the feeling of the polymer would be somewhat like jelly but also like rubber. We will try to use different biodegradable products to try to make a flower pot. We thought of using gelatin first and see if it will have the certain properties and texture of our ideal product. After that, we also wanted to try other substances that had a product similar to the product gelatin made. We will test these prototypes by planting a flower inside and recording the number of days in order for it to biodegrade. Another way to test its quality is to leave it in different temperatures and see if it changes. We might not be able to test it but form the materials we used pare going to be biodegradable. As you can see in the pic above, that is a picture of our model of the our real product. After it dries, the texture was what we wanted, but in order to make it environmentally friendly, we decided to change the recipe and use more biodegradable substances.

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