Polymer Journal #5

Claim: Our second prototype, the yellow one made out of gelatin, was the most successful.

We cannot determine which one was the best with the amount of prototypes we have right now. The second one was the best out of all the protoypes we made includig the one with glue, borax, and guar gum. From the texture of the gelatin to what it’s like when we stretch it, it was the closest to what we wanted. We choose that as our final material becuase it was 100% biodegradabel which was sustainable, but the others we made either had borax and glue, or just not sturdy and strong enough to hold up a flower.

Gelatin is made by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones in water, and is used is prosucts like soap amd shampoo. Gelatin is also used to make jelly. Gelatin is made out of long protein strings and the protein it’s made out of is collagen. Gelatin also contains nitrogen which banefits the plant.

5. The design process was hard because you had to gather information, make your polymer, and test it to see if it works. It was hard coming up with accurate measurements and the recipe for the right texture of your ideal polymer. It was also hard for us because our team changed our idea so with less time, it was hard for us to make and test our polymer. After that, we made the ppt that we were going to share to the Dream on Team. I think we spent the most time on trying to make our polymer because it was hard for us to get the right texture of the material it was going to be out of. When we presented our product pitch to the Dream on Team, everything went well I think for me. We added the details of the polymer and who will be buying it. We also filled up some of the gaps and limitations of our polymer. I think next time we can provide an actually model of our product with a flower inside. I think the sustainability of our polymer is good because 100% of our polymer is made from biodegradable material and gelatin also benefits the plants. Next time, we need to run tests to actually back up the fact that it’s biodegradable, but I think that our flower pot can reduce plastic if it’s made in a good quality.

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