Polymer Journal #2

Our polymer is a flower pot. Unlike other flower pots, it’s biodegradable so you can plant it into the dirt and it will biodegrade. The goal of our polymer is to not only be a flower pot but also reduce common plastic flower pots people use every day. We choose to make this polymer because in our everyday lives we see plastic flower pots around markets and shops that sell flowers. The flower pots break easily due to the weight of the dirt. After it breaks, people would throw it into the trash can. Our polymer can hold the dirt and the flower without breaking. Our polymer is made out with gelatin and glycerol. Since gelatin is used for making jelly, the texture will be not that sticky and crisp. It will be in like a jelly like state, making it rubberlike. Our polymer will reduce the usage of plastic flower pot and plastic because it’s biodegradable. The flower pot won’t break because our flower pot would be flexible and stable at the same time. Our product will specifically be for those who sells flowers. Our product will also be useful for people who own a garden, arboretum, or farm. We think gelatin would be the best base polymer. Gelatin can form into something that looks like plastic but it’s not. It’s also very flexible and it won’t break easily.


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