Polymer Journal #4

Since we didn’t have enough time to make a variety of prototypes using different materials we just went with the one we made that had our ideal physical properties. We first tried making the gelatin melt completely so it would look clear and like jelly but after the gelatin hardened, we found out that the substance was not good for using it as a flower pot/ base. It would rip easily when we tried to mold it. It had the physical properties of jelly. The second one we made, which is our finally product we decided it would be made out of, was made from not completely melting the gelatin. The properties of this one was hard and sturdy. The color was still yellow, but it was strong, so we decided the material of the flower pot would be made out of this. The limitations of our product might be the temperature it can be in, when it will biodegrade, and if it is waterproof. We are not sure about those things because we had no time test it and to collect data. Right now, we don’t have enough data to provide an answer to those problems. The thing we wanted to focus on if we had more time is making the melted gelatin into a mold of the flower pot. The clear one is the one we tried to make first and the second one is what we want the flower pot to be made out of.

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