Our Capstone movie is about SDG goal #6 Water and Sanitation. Our movie includes information on water and sanitation is beijing as well as at ISB and how ISB provides us with clean water. It shows us why and what we should do to improve our water. The process of making our movie didn’t take that long. We first planned out the scenes we wanted in our movie. Maxim wrote the script and we started to film the next day. After we filmed the scenes, we found background music and then started to edit and cut the clips. Recording us speaking didnt take long. Since i have made movies using imovie, it wasnt that hard cutting and splitting the clips. We were able to finish everything in time because Maxim and I were able to complete our job we were assigned to eachother. We were able to work together and use our time wisely. I was able to finish editing in time and Maxim also found many of the videos and we did all of that in a small amount of time.

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