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Stop wasting your food

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This is a poster made by me with the general idea of the poster about food waste. The problem I wanted to point out was the amount of food we waste. By using the different propaganda techniques, I wanted to present this topic to the audience in a serious way, hoping to make them reflect on wasting food and their involvement in it with the result of making them act accordingly or be more aware of this problem. The purpose of the propaganda technique i used were to make the audience feel guilty.

Color: I used mainly shades of black for the background. Black can symbolize a variety of feelings but the main purpose i choose black as the background and for the vibe is because black to me and in this case, symbolize death or emptiness. The reason I made the picture black and white is because it gives off the feeling of desolation. It makes the audience feel like something is missing and in this case, it’s supposed to show that theirs a lack of food for the children in the picture. In addition to the picture, the question “do you want to see children starve” combined with the dark picture shows how children are starving to death because of the lack of food. This can also affect the audience as they might pity the children. Red is used for emergencies and it is also used frequently when theres danger. I used to red to provoke the audience to try to make them focus on those words. Those words and ideas in red are the main ideas i wanted to put forth.

Visuals: The picture is of my brother and I. In the picture, we are focused on different assortments of bread and baked goods behind the glass. The reason i chose this photo was because i wanted the audience to feel bad cause it showed two kids looking like they’re craving for food. They’re so close yet so far away because they are only admiring the food from other side of the glass. The picture connects to pathos as it tries to connect to the audience emotionally. The trash can is also to point out the main problem since people throw away their food into the trash can.

I made some of the texts bold so the audience would focus more on those words. The quote was put in there to also try to make the audience reflect or connect on an emotional level. The main technique i used was pathos. I made up an organization and their website to make the audience trust the source. This connects to ethos. This would help the audience know where it’s coming from and the background of the source. Making the organization name and website seem professional can boost the trust of the audience.


Trash can-



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