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Goals 2018-2019

Academic Goal: I will try to improve my math, science, and humanities skills this trimester.

I will study and do more problems to improve my skills in those subjects.

Wellness Goal: I will try and be more healthy and improve my hockey skills. 8-5 will do 30 sec to 1 minute and on of planks/squats to  improve our bodies every Monday.

I will try to eat healthy food and get a good amount of sleep. I will try to do my best in improving my hockey skills.

Personal Goal: I will try and say nice things and be nice to my brother everyday.

When he doesn’t have lunch money I will buy him lunch. I will say nice things to him everyday.

My Poem


By: Tina
12 years, nearly 13, waiting…
Energetic, athletic, affectionate, timid, serene
family member
Passionate about listening to a variety of pop music, ice hockey, traveling.
Influential, precious people in my life, made me who I am


  • Energetic

It shows that you are very outgoing and have a lot of energy. I choose energetic because I love to play sports that are very intense and I can be very energetic and excited while playing.

  • Affectionate   adj.

Showing tenderness and is loving towards someone. I choose this word because I care and love my family and friends. I am also very loving towards my brother. My friend and people usually think I am a nice person.

  • Serene

Means to be calm, and peaceful. Even though I can be very energetic and active, I can also be very calm sometimes. In public, around the people I don’t know, I tend to me more of a quiet and calm person.

  • Family member, friend, sister

I choose family member, friend, and sister to be a separate sentence because I think those roles are very important to me. I love being a family member a sister and a friend.

  • Today

I also choose today to be separate because I think love the person I am today. I know that I still have a long way in the future.