Grade 9 Final task

The theme of the poem creates a humorous effect on pathos and humor. Because I check the resources of the humorous. Humorous means that makes people feel funny and make them laugh. The humor can make a poem humorous and then the theme of that. Humor makes a poem or an article interesting. The humor is important in the poem. Because humor is the mean point to create an interesting thing in a poem. Pathos means some not good things or sad things. But why I said that pathos also can make a good thing? Because like the poem for love is a topic. These poems at first use some pathos, then at the end, it changes to a good ending. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is humorous.

The confusion in it is a book about the drama by the famous writer: Alan Ayckbourn this book talking about the drama and his famous works. As the mother, the figure is very famous in this book.  And then I learned Alan Ayckbournian is an actor, and very famous in British assess yourself again SAL criteria.

In this unit, my smart goal for this unit is what is in this unit, I want to improve my writing on this. Like the pathos writing, submit the work before the deadline, ask questions if I don’t know. And then get a great score in this semester and the next semester

The challenging about this unit is in this unit, I need to explain the writing skill of that, it makes the student’s mind and their brainstorm. I think it is a challenge in this unit.

The successes in this unit, I learned how to read a script and the poem’s regularity. And in grade 10, I will continue working hard on the English class study.


Polymer Journal #5

I think our polymer project it is good, it can help people protect some vulnerable object like the glass, it is a really vulnerable object. Our polymer it can protect that good, I think our project is good. On the lab, we are trying to put the polymer on the flask, then we are trying the flask going down, and the flask it is saved very good, there is nothing broken a part on it. Then I think it means our polymer is successful, the polymer it can help people protect the cup easily. I have some reason of our polymer, at first, we are made the super slime, but we defense because the super slime it cannot have a good stick, but it has a good plastical and it is a really thin polymer, if it thin, it cannot protect the vulnerable object. So, we are made another polymer then we found this polymer it has a good bounce it has a good plastical. We can try using this polymer to protect some vulnerable things. Then we try to use the flask and then we are a success, the flask it doesn’t break, and it saves very well. It means success. I think that is good news to me.

Polymer Journal #4

On today’s lab, we saw our polymer it is can save in the cold places. Example, like a refrigerator. The polymer put some of the water on it, it can become more strong, because the polymer it needs water to make the polymer sticky. I think this is a good find of our project, it can save more time on it, the main thing is our polymer it doesn’t dangerous. It is easy to make. The material it can buy easily. There is another reason, it is can protect the environment. The polymer has the three main things, one is sticky because it can put on the flask and anywhere if it has the water. Second, the polymer has good plastic, it can put any shape of the object. The last thing is it can bounce on the ground. Most of the polymer cannot bounce on the ground, but ours can be because our polymer it can protect the object, like the glass of flask, if there are no protection measures on it, the flask will break. But if we put our polymer on it, it can protect. It has good plastic, plastic it can make the protection more stronger.

Polymer Journal #3

As we know usually regular PVC cannot bounce on the ground at all. However, our polymer has better bounce because it can bounce up, around 1 cm off the ground. This feature can alleviate the impact when touching the ground. Our plan is to use the polymer instead of the plastic flower pot. Because we think the plastic flower pots cannot protect the environment. We want to try use our polymer to make a flower pot then we want to try use the

Polymer Journals 2

Our idea for the polymer project is very simple; create a holder for small items (accessories). It’s mainly built for audiences who own accessories that never have places to put them. Our polymer is somewhat close to a carrier for items. The outside shape delivered is a bowl shape. Inside we fill it with “Super slime” a polymer that has the properties to be transparent. The jelly serves multiple services; protection and decoration. We aim mostly towards jewelry items. Rings and necklaces can we be kept in the transparent slime can be protected when dropped. The outside mold serves as a case to put the transparent slime in. As the properties of the transparent smile can’t hold its own shape. Decoration wise we offer different color variations, any of your choice. If you heat up the polymer you can mold the shape with your creativity. Our aim for the outside shell is to be hard, the filling on the inside to be transparent and protect the jewelry.

Polymer Journal 1

The Polymer journal it is made by a lot of chemical things. It is one of the Reactant. A polymer is a large molecule, or macromolecule, composed of many repeated subunits. Due to their broad range of properties, both synthetic and natural polymers play essential and ubiquitous roles in everyday life. The polymers can do a lot of things, like in the Science class, we made three polymers, we can use it or play it. I think the polymer can do a lot of thing for people.

In our daily life, we can see a lot of polymers, like plastic, plastic it is one of the polymers. There are many polymers I don’t know, but I trust people can use that for their job and their life.


The story of The Hunger Games is about North American is devastated in the war. Then, people erected new communities and cities. But the new policies said: Each region has to single out a boy and a girl every year to join a TV show, it called “The Hunger Games”. The rule of program is simple––Kill or be killed. Katniss’s sister has been chosen unfortunately. Katniss wanted to protect her sister and offered to go instead of her sister. Although Katniss hunted when she was young, had the best skill of shooting and solved a lot of problems on the TV programs she needed to fight with the cruel and strong players from other regions and needed to face to face the savior from the same region. If she wanted to win this game, she must choose one of these three things: humanize, love, or family.

Katniss was the main character of the famous story The Hunger Game. In the hunger game, you need to choose to be kind even though, everyone wants to kill you. If you choose to humanize, you will die easily. But if you choose to survive, you must kill the people who want to kill you. In the hunger game, Katniss chose to humanize because she didn’t want to kill people. Everyone knew that she chose to humanize, she would die easily. But in the end, she won this Hunger Game.

90 Miles to Havana

I read the book it is called name is 90 Miles to Havana, this book is talking about in Cuba revolution, Julian’s family move to American’s story. This story’s main point is talking about people’s life is different and if you think some bad thing maybe that will happen. Example, in the first chapter, Julian is not get the big fish, he thinks in this year they have bad luck he is very scary about this thing. Then, this thing happened. Cuba revolution is coming.