Throw the ball

I learned how to use linear graphs  in real life using Logger pro. this project relates to the concept of linear and quadratic functions we learned in Algebra 1. Our group did well on analyzing the graphs using Logger Pro. We also did well on collaborating since we split an equal amount of jobs and worked hard on our individual parts. We had some challenges on throwing the ball at different angles  because sometimes we threw too short, but sometimes we threw it too high that the ball bounce on the ceiling and came back us again. we also didn’t really video tape the trow very well. Next time i hope we can have more time to put more descriptions in it.if we had another try, we will try again on taping the videos of us throwing the balls to create more accurate graphs.

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Dear Future

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Journal # 5



I felt that the 8th prototype we created was our best prototype



Our 8th prototype was our first gelatin-based prototype. It was water resistant unless it was boiling water. It had its rubbery texture that we wanted. It was firm and squishy. It was slightly sticky. It smelled very nice. It was reusable.



I thought that our 8th prototype was the best one because it had all of the physical properties we wanted it to have. The prototypes after the 8th prototype was all the same, so I chose the first one We tested our prototype for the properties we wanted it to have and we got all of them. We wanted our prototype to be firm and it was unlike the prototypes before the 8th one, the ones before were all more liquidly. This polymer was also water resistant unlike the other ones which melted when ran under water. We wanted it to be a little bit sticky and it was. We also wanted it to be reusable, so we tested it by dissolving it in hot water and then freezing it, we did it five times and it came out basically the same all 5 times, so it was reusable, so we were happy with it.



Well with the entire design process I thought we did pretty well overall but the only part I thought we didn’t do good was Develop & Plan, I thought we didn’t do well because we had three plans and every time we would change the reactants. I was really proud of our pitch to the dream on team, in my opinion I thought we did very well because we stated all of the most important facts and we could back it up with a lot of evidence. We really worked hard because our polymer wasn’t sustainable before but then we changed our polymers procedures and reactants completely. This was because we wanted our polymer to be sustainable, we worked really hard on the tests on this new polymer. In the end our hard work paid off and we the panelists gave my team a good grade on sustainability. Overall me and my time worked really well together me as the media director, harry the chemical engineer, and Deniz the mechanical engineer.

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Are Electronics our Saviors or our destroyers

Fire can create and destroy at the same time it just depends how you see it. Montag is a fire man who starts fires instead of putting them out. Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury is a dystopian novel were reading books were illegal. Fahrenheit 451 has many themes but one of the themes I think is important is that Electronic devices are like drugs, it makes you addicted and snatches your will of thinking.

In Fahrenheit 451, the government uses electronic devices to control the citizens. Mildred Montag’s wife is a great example of the people that the government controls “Now,” said Mildred, “my ‘family’ is people. They tell me things; I laugh, they laugh! And the colors!” (Bradbury 69). Mildred was clearly being controlled by the TV shows, she believes that some of the people in the TV shows are her family. Although they don’t respond and talk to Mildred, but the TV shows makes her entertained and happy. In the new world, the government don’t want you to think, they want you to be happy. Some people in the book identify happy as not thinking at all, just receiving the fun side of things. Some people identify English and literature as the boring part of school, but without studying English and understanding the culture and history of our past you will not survive in our world. For example, in Fahrenheit 451, although most people are happy, they don’t have the ability to think. They are missing a critical part of all living creatures. For human kind to improve, thinking is a necessary part and cannot be taken away. Things are invented because there are was a problem that somebody was stuck on, and when human kind reaches the stage where they don’t have imagination, don’t care, and are satisfied with their current stage, they will stop discovering and improving, and finally they will be stuck on one problem. Geology, our solar system, life under the ocean, the history of ancient China, they are all discovered because people are wondering, and questioning the what had happened in the past. Everyone sooner or later will wonder, what is the purpose of life? And that is how Philosophy was invented. People wonder, what is above us, why is there a sun and moon? And astronomy became a thing. Why can fish live under water and we can’t? that’s how marine Biology was created. We learn only because we wonder, we question, and we try to accomplish the goal. Without the ability to think, even if everyone is happy, it is not true happiness. People are only happy because they don’t know anything about their world. They don’t know the great mysteries of ancient China, they don’t know the planets around us, and they never wonder about anything. This is like during the Chinese cultural revolution, people are satisfied with their current stage because they don’t know the limits of us, they don’t know how everything could even become better. And Mao uses this to manipulate and control the country and people. Because they are not well educated, and don’t know about all the cultures and history’s, they think books are bad, and agrees with Mao to destroy the books, because Mao wanted China to stay like that

Even in our real world today people are still controlled by the governments electronic and TV. They are being told what to do and is bring pressured by the government. Fahrenheit 451 shows this to us deeply, that electronic devices are like drugs, it makes you addicted and takes your own way of thinking. Is our world going to be like that in the future?

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Eyes of the Hound

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Journal #4.

We basically had 8 prototypes that we made. The prototypes after the eighth was just the same. We finally have a prototype that we were happy with. we anted our polymer to be a soap but later we kid of changed it to a polymer that can make your hands smell good. our first few prototypes were not what we wanted because it was so crunchy, but it was good experience about how much materials we wanted to add. The fourth and fifth prototypes we changed from white glue to PVA solution, we liked the shape and the properties it had, but it was not sustainable because it had liquid starch and PVA. Our sixth to eighth prototypes were mostly the same. It was a gelatin based polymer that was sustainable. We tested it by dissolving the polymer in hot water and freezed it again. we took it out and it was still like a jelly, so we were very happy with our polymer

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Pingyao Journey

My trip to Pingyao was very fun. I learnt a few things on the train to Pingyao and back. They most important thing I learned was that if you lose something you should not panic because it can only be on the train. Another thing I learned was that if you don’t get up at least once your knees will hurt when you stand up. some other things I learnt on the trip was that you should sleep earlier then the time you had to sleep because it makes you will be very tired after the whole day, another thing is that you don’t have to rush during then scavenger hunt, as long as you don’t get distracted you will finish the scavenger hunt. The most successful thing we did during the Pingyao scavenger hunt was trying out many different specialties from the streets and then taking pictures of it. The funnies part of the Pingyao trip was when me and my friend Eric was hiding from my other friend, we were Watching our friend without him knowing, it was really funny because we were so close to him, but he didn’t know. The most challenging thing about the Pingyao trip was the scavenger hunt, it was hard because we had to find all of the places and it was really hard to find all of the places. My most memorable experience was the show where we had to walk through, it was really cool because I have never seen anything like it. We had to walk through the show and we could also interact with some of the actors then, it was a great experience. I don’t really have any suggestions for the trip because everything went really well.

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Journal 3

After a few days of testing and making our wanted polymer, we had some ideas for our physical properties of our polymer. We took some out and added some in, but here are our final physical properties, we want it to be a little bit sticky, stretchy, water resistant, transparent, kind of firm and moldable. Our group deiced we wanted a mixture of gloop and super slime, but it wasn’t transparent, so we changed the white glue to the PVA solution to make it transparent. To test our prototypes properties, first we can test if it is moldable, stretchy, sticky and transparent in our hands, then we can test if it is water resistant by running it through water, then we can leave it out for a day and do all the tests again to see what happens to the polymer after we leave it out


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Journal 2

My groups polymer topic is to make a reusable polymer. At first, we got an idea of making a reusable moldable takeout container, but we thought that this idea wasn’t very helpful, so we decided to change our polymer to a moldable polymer soap. We want our product to be a rubber like polymer because we want the soap to be hard and soft. We do not want our product to be sticky because we want this soap to be able to be used at all times, if we want to achieve that then we need the polymer to not be sticky because we will be keeping it in our pockets and we do not want it to just stick to all the dirty things there. We also want it to be moldable so that it can clean a lot of things whether in small gaps or just cleaning the table. We already created our first prototype, it was very hard and did not stick on to anything, but it did not last long, and it was always wet. I think that our problem was that we added to many materials that made our prototype to rough such as PVA solution, guar gum, and corn starch. Our targeted audience will be anyone who wants to just have a quick way to keep clean and people who use their hands a lot and will get their hands dirty. We want our polymer to be a mic between stretch-tastic and gloop, because we want our polymer to be able to stretch and be rough at the same time, but we do not want to add anything that would make our polymer more sticky

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Polymer Journal One


What is a polymer



Polymers have many different properties; the properties depend on the molecules and how the molecules are bonded. Some polymers are like rubber and polyester, they are stretchy and soft. Other can include super hard polymers like glass, water bottles, and grocery bags. There are many types of polymer that we use in our modern society now and it is used in all kind of ways.

PVA polymer slime



PVA which stands for polyvinyl alcohol can be made into a slime where many people now play with. This slime can be created by adding borax causes the PVA molecules to link with the borax molecules, creating a new substance, more of a solid, but still partially liquid.



Synthetic materials


Synthetic materials are materials are fabrics that is human made. These fabrics are very different from natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, and wool. They have may different properties like being water proof. Synthetic materials are made from using many different things from the nature. Some synthetic materials such as rayon is made from the cellulose of a wood pulp or cotton and polyester which is made from coal, air, water, and petroleum. Synthetic materials are used because they have special properties, for example nylon is a synthetic fabric that is used to create umbrellas because of it special water proof properties. Synthetic materials are just made by combining different types of atoms or different type of materials



                                Rayon                                                                          Nylon


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