Book reflection – The curious incident of the dog in the hnight-time

This book is a fiction talking about an autistic boy written his book.

This book is really realistic, the boy Christopher John Francis like all the prime number and he hate yellow but like red, so this book is designed as a red book cover, and written chapter number with prime number.

Book for essay

The book I will choose for the end of the year essay, it The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides.

This book is suspense fiction. This is about a woman named Alicia who loved her husband so much, but one night she kills him, and never spoke again……

I choose this book is because involves a variety of topic and field, such as mental illness, psychology, and domestic violence. And the reason it stands out the most is that it involves a variety of factors such as Greek mythology, which is really attractive to me. The author uses a different perspective to illustrate the story, reveal the reality to the audience. And even though you guess the murderer, you can understand the motive and technique of the murderer from the perspective of God. How to realize the self-salvation of the soul? What is the depravity of the soul? This book show audience a deep moral.

Book reflection

I currently reading a Chinese fantasy fiction named 《天官赐福》, if I translated with meaning, it is Blessing from heaven. This could be my favorite book in 2021.

The book is set in Virtual Ancient China, they have humans, Taoists who can become God if their fate determines whether they can become gods, also ghosts and God. This book is about a faithful believer and a God who is always kind despite the ups and downs of fate. One is with the fate of pride of heaven, and the other is with the fate of vicious fate. In the past 800 years, one of them has become a joke in the world of heaven, and the other has become a ghost king in the world of ghosts. However, even with the ups and downs of fate, the last believer never leaves. The protection over thousands of years, the following over thousands of years, and the love over thousands of years.


The story is about to choose from reality and accept it, there is never the good but “better” worst. Like the first example show in the story, a man uses the ten years of her daughter to gambling, the price is the death of his business enemy, should you let him win? Also, another example is shown in the book, in front of a powerful enemy, should you let the enemy take away your power, or spread disease in a city, which can only cure if you kill people.

The question in the book attracted me and made me think the most is

The problem of two people with a glass of water: when two people travel to the desert, they will die. You have a glass of water. Who can you give them to?
It seems that they are asking if they have any idea of saving the common people, but actually they are asking about the moral standard and the way you deal with the world, which is the inner core of the characters and the fundamental reason why they make all the choices next.

This is the reason I like this book, it reveals the dark side of the reality even this is virtual, choose from the bitterness choice.


The use of language is elegant. To fit the background, the author uses a lot of ancient Chinese vocabulary and mix with modern Chinese. Create an atmosphere of antient China.

The characters in the book are a complex of contradictions, and their personalities are distinct, the author’s writing style is elegant, the language is humorous, and the plot is full of ups and downs, which is incredible. It’s also worth pondering over the growth of character and the various forms of the world. To choose from the attack the world or attack yourself who would you choose?

Favorite independent reading book reflection- A list of cages

This book is my favorite book because this book showing the mental health problem of high school students in America. It shows the psychological journey of present-day teenagers and the hidden dangers. Also, reveal the negative parts of teenagers, and uses a variety of literary devices to describe it precisely. And moreover, I like the way this book is written, the chapter is staggered with two character’s perspective, even is told from the first point of view, but you can understand the plot comprehensively like from the third point of view. The detailed description and psychological description are using very often, fully demonstrated the psychological problem, the family problem of the teenager – Julian.

However, the realistic factor, detail description and the unique way to write is really attractive to me.

Independent reading reflection 2 – A List of Cages

Plot & Technique

As the story continues, the author has introduced a new character —— Adam. The author uses to change the viewpoint of some chapters for Julian, and some for Adam, which inspire me a new technique of writing. And in the short introduction author has shown that Adam is Julian’s brother, two doubt will make the reader curious about the plot next.

Character development

As the story continues, Julian is an unwelcome, introverted, and cowardly person, he adopted by his uncle; his uncle is a strong person; Adam has ADHD, and a quite confuses the person.

Independent reading reflection 1 – A List of Cages

Book I’m reading is “A List of Cages”, a realistic fiction by Robin Roe

Through reading the first section of my book, the main character – Julian is a hard understanding person, and because the story is told from his point of view, the reader can clearly know what is he thinking and know that he is been isolated.

From my understanding, the title “A List of Cages” is foreshadowing Julian’s psychological. On the first page of the story is tell Julian is skipping class because of don’t like it, but the reality, the principle pulling him back, like living in a cage. And also the mental activity describes in the books have shown, the main character doesn’t like the feeling of in the real life, like the feeling of disappearing, so I believe this has a connection with the title, living in a life you don’t want to, and the thought imprisoned maybe what the title foreshadows.

Until now my favorite character is Mr.Pearce, the principal. He is a fair leader, he didn’t push his student and try to force him to death, but try to let Julian gets to the regular, even though the describing of him is not many until now, but he is a responsible principle until now.



Sunrise of French – French Revolution Journal

French Revolution, a revolution with controversial, was it worth it or not? It’s a big confused question, but in different people’s view things would be different. And the ebook below is that I use a point of view of a servant also a representative named Bryce Loski to write a Journal about the French Revolution separate in three journal which is three turning point, and give the answer of  was it worth it or not? in Bryce Loski’s eyes. If you want to know more about the story read the ebook below⬇️

The reason I use Sunrise to be the title, is that I want to show in the view of the citizen, when their revolt finally end and success. Is like the night is end, the sunrise.

French revolution video- by Angela, Abella and Yolanda


This video show the cause and effect of the revolution, show the worth of the revolution. After the revolution, the French established democracy and became a democratic country. It also changed from a feudal agricultural country to a modern capitalist country. And this is the worth of the revolution.

The military genius- Hero Napoleon

Hero or Villian?

In my opinion Napoleon is a great hero, because Napoleon maintained the fruits of the French Revolution and formulated the Napoleon Code, which laid the foundation for the establishment of France from a feudal agricultural country to a modern capitalist country.

Alla’s Video diary – Russian revolution

This Video is about a Russian girl Ally’s video diary after Lenin dead. Ally was a Bolshevik, and in her family, she is the only child, her parent’s sick made her be the only source of income in the family but after the October revolution, she became a peasant which get money by selling the food she grows, her parent illness was recovered. From Lenin’s death, she reminds the experience with Communism, which is the doctrine created by Lenin. The experience is the October 1917 revolution and civil war. These affected her life and her attitude to face life. From the October 1917 revolution, she became a peasant which can earn money by herself grow food and sell it from a worker work in a dirty factory that has low status. Her family used to be a mess, parents sick and the meager pay from the huge working in the factory. And after the revolution, her family get land, and she get a job, it made her family from a poor family to a normal family that they can live in normal life. What her attitude change is that, before these things happen, she is kind of coward to speak for herself. And after these things happen, she knows that speak for yourself is not that dangerous, or scary.

My personal opinion about the Russian revolution is that fight for your life, the unequal is good. And follow a good leader like Lenin, and get the life which is you want is good. So like the Russian revolution, the worker and peasants had an unequal treaty before the Revolution, and after it, they get what they want, and get the life they want. So I think is worth it.

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