Boxers of the Legation Quarter

I believe that the Boxers deserve the bad reputation.

I think the Boxers deserve a bad reputation. My reasoning for this is that they slaughtered men, women, and children that were doing them no harm. Believing that they were the cause of the drought does not even slightly justify the needless massacre the missionaries, and Christian Chinese endured. Today most communities would shun you if you hated someone if they were foreign, or a different religion than you, and would this any different?

My main reason for not having empathy for the Boxers, is that they killed harmless people because they were different, and they had the misguided believe that the foreigners were the root of every problem, and thinking that this was reason enough to murder people.



A girl with a far out look on her face.
Fair, sickly skin.
Her hair messy and full of knots
Clothes stained
In her bedroom shes surrounded by filth,
Clothes on the floor
Half eaten food scattered around
and something else
an eye
slowly the room walls and ceilings
become peppered with bugs and eyes
She buries her face in her pillow
hoping itll all go away
arms wrapped around her legs in the fetal position

Laying in her bed an overwhelming amount of danger and fear
Washes over her like a tsunami
Her heart pounding
Like its going to explode out of her chest
But gradually over time she calms like a soothed baby
However when she looks up she spots
Lanky black creatures sulking in the corner of her room
A ghastly reflection of her when she peeks into her mirror
A face with no sockets and a troubled expression

She starts hearing whispering. And then when she blinks
she can make out eyes on the walls blinking at the same time.

There becomes more eyes and bugs on the wall and ceiling.
The voices shriek
She clambers for the door she catches sight of her mom.
a bewildered look grows on the girl’s face.
She stops dead in her tracks

She’s convinced that her mom implanted a chip in her head
to be able to read her thoughts,
and she hears voices in her head telling her
to harm herself and her mom, she also tries to avoid her mom.
She would think other people could read her thoughts too
and would go up and ask other people to stop reading her thoughts.

Waverly’s journal

(“I raced down the street, dashing between people, not looking back as my mother screamed…”)

Waverly starts winning a lot of tournaments in chess so naturally, Waverly’s mom is very proud of her and wants to support her, so now Waverly is mostly dedicated to going to school and playing chess. Since Waverly is winning tournaments her mom is very proud of her, so she starts becoming her favorite child, so now Waverly can get away with more like not having to finish all her dinner, not having to do her chores, and having the bedroom all to herself so her brothers have to sleep in the living room.


Even though Waverly is a majorly talented girl shes still human and makes mistakes. Her mom always uses her to brag to other people and this upsets Waverly. At first, Waverly is quiet but soon she has enough. She tells her mom that she doesn’t want her mom to use her to brag anymore, when Waverlys mom hears this she is infuriated and grabs Waverly’s arm. This sends Waverly into a panic and she runs away. Later that night Waverly comes back skips dinner and goes to bed.



To Do or Not to Do, That is the Question

The poem is about the process the narrator has to go through with asking Shelia out. It describes the anxiety that comes with it. In addition, with the anxiety that comes with asking Shelia out on a date, the narrator has to go through the process of weighing he should ask her or not, and how he is struggling to do so. It also describes the fear of asking out a girl as well as the anxiety. The conflict was resolved when the narrator works up enough courage to go and ask Shelia to go to a concert with him.