Leo Jack’s Journal recording during 1765-1783

Leo Jack: A normal soldier who used to served in George Washington’s army, he also records down the entire revolution down into his journal made it like a story when he was an elder in the end. Follow by the steps of space and time, he reset himself as a patriot after Boston Massacre.

Despite he retired and lived in a peaceful life, he figured out there’s still have some places which don’t really change after the revolution: First of all, he found out that the African Workers boys whose hired by him were still in slavery. Second, he found out that both his wife and his grew-up daughter don’t have any rights to do political things such as to vote for the president. About the unchanged things, old Leo Jack was really furious all the time because he wished that one day everyone in US are equal. Luckily, there’s changes which made Leo Jack somehow happy every time he mentioned them to his children and grandchildren: 1. the country finally got the independence which they desire the most. 2. the country finally gets rids of the annoying taxes and their own governments

Russian Revolution: the journal of USSR worker Alexander during early 20th centuries.

Alexander Chang
Journal 3

After hearing the news of death of the Lenin, I was kind of sad because he was a great leader of the republic who lead the entire country to the light and path of the glory and honor. I’ll remember him as our greatest leader of USSR. In the eyes of Soviet Union, he was so great because he acted like a true leader who will led his people and his entire country to victories and the path of honor and glory.
When I heard that the officials and Germany signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, I didn’t know how to describe my feelings because I don’t understand why we have to pay Germany tons of gold rubbles and lands to them?! But anyway, I have to participate because I can’t lose my mind with these types of situations. As a clever one, I have to think about the country and the chaos which inside it recently.
When the news of Lenin got shot by a Socialist Revolutionary named Fanya Kaplan, the public and me were shocked about it. Especially me, who thought that this will be something shocking will happen soon. And I was right about it.; the shocking event happens without warning people of Soviet Union.
After Lenin got ambush, the Cheka, or the secret political police, started doing a of shocking things to people such as torturing them to get some information which about the revolution. This entire event already shocked lots of people and include me; they created a great “red terror” in the country.
The War Communism system somehow made the republic into a better place; I somehow can some food which for my family. I kind of getting cheered up by this new government system which somehow is getting accepted by the people of entire USSR. However, years later after War Communism, I heard that Lenin abandoned it and replaced it with old, fashioned New Economic Policy, or NEP.
These events made us too tired to handle other problems, their too hard to solve. Just then, I heard the news of Lenin’s death, which made the entire USSR shocked and cried. After his death, I was concerned who will replaces Lenin and what will he do when he or she will take Lenin’s place? Will he do something great or bad? Right now, people of the USSR, which include me, are wondering about it. Before when Joseph Stalin replaced Lenin and took care of the country, I always been wondered around in the street like a fallen spirit, and always wondering in the middle of the night of the street of Petrograd. No matter what I am doing, I always put all my attention on wondering about that thing.
For years, I’ve been wandering around while living normally. Even though I heard Joseph Stalin became the new ruler of Soviet Union, I don’t really care about it. That’s how my life went during the 1930’s and early 1940’s. Despite that the economy of USSR become better, life in the USSR was still very hard. However, one big event which alarms me so strong which scares me is that Stalin is working with untrustworthy Hitler of Germany and they promised that they won’t attack each other. I don’t think Hitler or Stalin will keep the promise forever because after they took parts of Poland and Germany took Czechoslovakia, I sense that Hitler want to take control of the entire world in his hand. Also, what alarms me more is that Britain and France did nothing to stop Hitler invading countries; what more, they supported Germany by agreed Hitler to take Czechoslovakia with their permissions. If this keep going soon, then there would be a war of world which bloodier and scarier than the first World War. After all, that’s how my life in such a chaotic world.

Boxers Rebellion

The boxers does have bad reputation. The history of the world think of it by what they did to missionaries who from 8 countries (Japan, America, Germany, old Hungary, etc.) because that time despite that countries started to have international contacts, but hadn’t gone good. In fact, these 8 countries were acted like brutes and barbarians in front of the Chinese (which include government, village, public, and more) and they didn’t even care about their feelings. Boxers might be heroes in Chineses’ eyes, but what they done were record into the history of the world.

during the boxer rebellion in old Peking (modern Beijing), boxers started a short war with armies of 8 countries alliance of 8 legations. However, things weren’t good for boxers because first of all, buildings gave armies strong protection. Second, the foreign alliance armies used the weakness of environment.

The Poem of Safe Driving

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwdRoxs-A7g                                                                                                               The speeding while driving taking place in the city,

in the street,

in the middle of the night,

The weather of the setting is cold because it’s in Fall,

while the sky is raining like a storm which sounds like the cry of a god who cares humans.


A middle-aged normal man who drive in the middle of the night.

There no teenager,

no parent,

and no any angry person driving the car.

He was driving in the city,

With the feelings of lonely by his side.


Because he worked too hard on his work when the day was light,

he feels tired and sleepy before he could make it

to his home in the middle of the night.

Also, there might be an accident,

But there’s no any accident of the speeding.

The extremely hardworking from the day he did,

Made him stressful and tired all the time,

Even include trying to relax for a while.


A normal little student who was trying to cross the road

in the middle of the night,

he was crashed into by the middle-aged driver who was sleep driving

in the middle of night.

And the man didn’t know anything about it,

Cause he was sleeping while driving.

He didn’t notice that he’s speeding up his car more than 100km/h,

As the time he’s closing his eyes slowly.

The speed of the car was so fast,

That as if it going to fly.


Some of them think that speed driving is dangerous,

but more think that sleep driving is more dangerous.

Cause you can’t pay your attention,

You’ll never realized what you hit;

Your eyes were closed,

And couldn’t have your sight back.


Because of this, there will be hundreds of deaths which cause by sleep driving,

Maybe they were sleeping because of being too tired?

Or they just don’t want any attention on the road.

They’ll never find out what trouble they’ll ger into,

Until they crashed into someone or something.


There’s a giant crashand sound fly upon the street,

And that little student lying on the road;

Blood floating like a little river,

And his vision blurred when that painful feeling touched him.

The car stopped with a shriek and its eyes glisteningas it crashed into him,

And the man frightened and panicked as he saw what he did.

The families of the little student feel sad for the entire accident,

For the reason of he was the only son in the family.

And he passed away in this world.


For one for sure, there’s one thing which describe the today’s earth:

There’s danger everywhere in the earth,

And the people have nowhere to hide.

The Character magazine of “A Midnight Summer’s Dream”

Womens Fashion Magazine Cover by Alexander Chang
This story is from the project “A Midnight Summer’s Dream” and the original author of the story is William Shakespeare. I chose Lysander because I think that the good guys in the story are the best characters to study about. I used my thoughts of Lysander’s appearance and chose that picture for the reason of like a good guy the closest. I’m proud of finish product with the teacher’s help and on my own.

The study of 2 war poems: “Dulce et Decorum Est” and “Who’s For The Game?”

About these two poems, are all describe war, but in 2 different ways: “Dulce et Decorum Est” was  written by Wilfred Owen in the a style which fills with depression and fear, which about war into it. And “Who’s For The Game?” was written by Jessie Pope in a style which fills with justices, glory, honor, hope, and every positive feelings into it, which tells the people to join the war for save the country. The influence of these two war poems might make a big change to views of World Wars, even though today the war is over.

“Dulce et Decorum Est” invisible meanings are like big lies which the soldiers told to their families before they join the war, depressions which never feels before and more. Owen states that the war is a sweet fake lie:

My friend, you would not tell with such high zest
To children ardent for some desperate glory,
The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est
Pro patria mori. (Owen 25-29)

About WW1, many soldier promised that they will back to their families before the Christmas Eve; instead of making promises to them, that time its more feels like telling lies to their families. Writer of the poem Wilfred Owen’s view on the war is that he sees the war is some type of hell of suffering, which fills with demons whom love killing and torturing people they find. This is a perfect describe about the war in the words of peacekeepers and elders who joined the world wars before.

“Who’s for the game?” invisible meanings are shows something like glory, honor, hope, courage, and more. The poem tells that joining the war was a type of glorious and honorable way to save the homeland and country from the enemy with courage, justices, and hope. After that, became a country hero who will be record into the history forever. Writer of the poem Jessie Pope ‘s view on the war is that she thought that joining war is a way to let the soldiers create their own glory and honor for both themselves and the countries. About glory and honor, some heroes achieve some big achievements by their actions on the battlefield and showed their courage to the enemies at front of them, even though they got heavy injuries which covered all their bodies.


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The dynamic character study of the story “The Aged Mother”

In the ancient time of Japan: “Long, long ago there lived at the foot of the mountain a poor farmer and his aged, widowed mother. They owned a bit of land which supplied them with food, and they were humble, peaceful, and happy.” (Matsuo Basho).A poor farmer and his aged mother lives together happily but the strict, cruel rule which gave by the governor and force the farmer to follow the order. In the short story “The Aged Mother” by Matsuo Basho, the protagonist, The aged mother’s son starts out to be a normal farmer who lives with his aged mother in a humble peaceful live but by the end of the story he changes andtells the truth to the governor and make him to change the order to save his aged mother, his only family.

The aged mother’s son starts out a normal person who lives with his aged mother in peace, humble, and happiness. He listened to the governor’s orders because that he wants to stay alive. Plus, he didn’t have the encouragement to something dangerous. The people just follow the order of the governor, “But no one ever thought twice about obeying the mandate of the governor, so with many deep and hopeless sighs, the youth prepared for what at that time was considered the kindest mode of death.” (Matsuo Basho). Because he’s just a poor normal farmer who lives with his only and aged mother in peace and happiness. Plus, his aged mother is the only family who lives with him and he doesn’t even want to lose her. He brought his mother to die because the governor gave a strict cruel order which says immediately put to death all aged people. My character change because his aged mother influenced him and tell him some advices which helps him to gather encouragement to do something which is too dangerous to let normal people do. His actions, thoughts and personality change when his aged mother gave him the advice of walking through the mountain paths and that the time when the son started feeling love and courage to do something big and dangerous which no one ever dares to do that time. With all his courage, the farmer told the truth to the governor: “‘Alas! Alas!’ cried the farmer, ‘the truth must be told!’ and with may deep bows he related his story.” (Matsuo Basho). The governor was influenced by his courage to something dangerous, “That very hour the cruel law was abolished, and custom into as far a past that only legends remain.” (Matsuo Basho). The aged mother’s sonchanges because he didn’t want to lose his only family, his aged mother. He learned about the love of the family. He also learned that to do something dangerous with encouragement; despite sometimes it’s too risky to do, but it’s worthy for someone you love or your family.


Characterization of Fish Cheeks

Amy Tan hope that her parents and relatives would show their American manners to her friend Robert and his family, who come for having dinner with Amy Tan in Christmas. In Amy Tan’s story “Fish Cheeks”, that time she was 14 and an American Chinese who live in U.S.A.; during and after the dinner, Amy Tan was upset about the manners of parents and relatives at front of her Friend Robert and his parents. 

Before Robert comes for the Christmas Eve dinner, Amy Tan was both embarrassed and confused about it: she was embarrassed about to let Robert see her face and her family’s cultures. When Amy Tan was 14, she didn’t know that there’s purpose about the Christmas Eve dinner; somehow her mother was trying to teach her something Important of being a Chinese.During the evening’s dinner time, Amy Tan was struggled to let her parents and relatives act improperly at front of her crush Robert. After this, Amy Tan was so ashamed of herself that she messed up everything at the dinner: manners, tradition, everything: “For Christmas I prayed for this blond-haired boy, Robert, and a slim new American nose” (Tan 1). That time Amy Tan didn’t like Robert’s appearance, especially his nose because of the cultures between America and China.


Image source: https://eatingwithziggy.com/tag/fish-cheeks/

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