What did I learned in “Filmmaking Horror Film”

In the elevator horror film experience, we understand that when we’re filming, we should first check the battery on the top right corner, and the screen needs to be of high quality and we need to have a clear plan so we can follow the plan to finish the film. With these things has changed, we can make the film even more better than we done today

Filmmaking Criteria Explantation


Part 1: Defining “Closet Space – Short Film”

Success Criteria Reason My critique of Closet Space
·      The look of people’s face in the film were successfully part to a film

·      the sound effect in the film is also a great success.

·      It has the characters of clone in the film

·      The background music that is used is perfectly fit for the film

·      The effects that are used of adding more cloth hanger and creepy doll

·      The camera angles that are used in the film is a perfect perspective used.

My chosen success criteria is pointing out the success point to the film because as we can see in the short film of Closet Space, there’s many sound effect and people’s look of feeling and emotions can proof to my success criteria in this film. ·      Look of people’s face were successful because of the emotion faces that are used

·      The sound effect in this film were successful because the sound that are used were the sound of open and closed closet effects

·      It’s successful to the clones’ effect because in a horror film there’s many clones effect in the film

·      The background music is successful to the film because the background is an ordinary house, but in the closet it’s very dark and scary to the audience

·      The effects of the multiplying the dolls and cloth hanger is successful because in a horror film, when you open a closet, you will see it very a horror inside of it

·      The camera angles are done well in this film, because the camera is filming inside the closet and outside of the closet, so the audience knows what’s going on inside the film


Part 2: Defining “Tuck Me In”

Success Criteria Reason My critique of lights one
·      In this film, as the same for the last film that I’ve defined, the shocked face of father character

·      the background music in the film is a great success.

·      The perspective of the camera angles that’s filming both the bottom of the bed and the bedroom has fit the use for the film

·      The looks on the character’s faces of shocked is one of the main features in this film

·      The light setting in the bedroom makes the film even more scary

·      The voice and the creepy happy smile of the kid makes the audience more shock and scared a little bit in the film

My chosen of the success criteria is pointing out the success point to the film, because as we can see in the short film of Tuck Me In, like the same thing as the Closet Space, the look on the character’s face is a great proof of being a success criterion in the film, also the background music is a success criterion because this can let the audience grabs more attention. ·      The shocked emotions on father’s face is successful, because when he saw the child is under the bed while there is one on the top, it shocked him

·      The background music is a great success, because the effects of background music make the audience more reaction of shock

·      The perspective of the camera angles is also a success because we can see the perspective on the camera angle is the right size for it due to the zoom in that is used

·      The look is also a success, because we can see the father’s emotion feeling in his face is totally shock when he saw 2 kids on top and under the bed

·      The light setting is a success because the bright and dark setting is important to a horror film, it remains in the dark

·      The voice and creepy face of the child is a success, because when the kid says “Daddy, I’m right here” plus with a very creepy smiling face in the film

Research for making Horror Film Answer Task 1, 2 & 3

Task 1: (1) The key elements for the short film are making the film very little and make it very visual, make effects of a haunted house/castle, for example, like ticking clocks, crow make noises and making the situation conflict in the film to be resolved. (2) The visual language that is used in the film is from the beginning to the end, it has words that are explaining what is going on in the plots of the film but it doesn’t have a voice, it just silent but explaining words inside it. (3) In many horror films, the sound effect in the horror film gives the audience a lot of impression to the sound effects on the film, because these sound effects are one of the main important effects that are used in the film, especially horror films. Many of these horror sounds and background music effects in the film grab many people’s attention. (4) The expectations that we’ll have when we watch a horror film is when the film is played what is the main topic or plot are you trying to show on the screen and what are the details and meaning of the scene that’s going on in the film. (5) For the 5 minutes film, it’s the same thing as the short film is needed to have many horror sound effects and background music that’s fit for the film to play and make the audience have interesting thoughts on the film.

Task 2: (1) The setting of this historical culture and settings has influenced the horror film by the past dark history in human history and the mystery creature that it still didn’t confirm as exist to make as it’s a horror film because we all know many special creatures doesn’t exist and the film director decided to put these non-exist creatures in the film, so it can grab the people’s attention of watching the film. (2) In my own perspective of the cultural background that I’ve known is during WWII and the past history wars that caused the deaths of many people, many of these films were taken from this dark past history.

Task 3: (1) The broad ideas that I would explore and include in a horror film is finding horror backgrounds like the Corvin Castle in Romania but is in a horror background effect and finding the sound effect and horror background music to fit in my film situation. (2) The research knowledge that I’ll use is I’ll use the background picture, video, music, and sound effect to join in my film and special effects of adding the background of black and white, the sound effects of the clock ticking and a women laughing in a horror way.

Answer of script

In the voice-over, I’ll use a very creepy and horror sound of the voice as the voice-over, because if this is a horror long and short film, I needed to make this a little scary because as we know that’s the thing of a horror movie needed. However, the voice-over in the horror film should take it very seriously, because a voice-over in the horror film, should have a voice that’s fit to the situation of the film.

My Story Answer (Full Part Answers)

Part 1: I’ll film the whole school building and make it very like a horror movie. I’ll film all of this all by myself and change the background into black and white. I’ll record the people in the school building by making my film camera on my mobile phone even more closer, so the audience can see what is their emotion. I hope to explore some scared emotions and feelings and a very horrifying and scary house.

Part 2: I will film my hands’ shadow and make my hands shadow a little horror and scary in my goal to my film, I will make sure that the shadow of my hands will make it more horror to the film and I will try to keep the shadow of my hands in some special horror effect as the main focus of my film. (Hands ECU). For the second shot, I’ll record my face first and then other people’s (if they allow) I will make sure that catching other audience attention will make is in my focus, I should have a very serious and horrifying face on my face (Face ECU). For the third shot, I will make some background that’s black/white and make it in horror style for my medium shot (MS). For the fourth shot from the point of view of my film, I’ll find some background music insert it into the film, and make it more interesting and scary.

Part 3: For the use of an interesting angle in the film by using a camera framing of taking a photo or a video of the school building or using some background video online. And the camera setting that I’m going to use in film is slow motion and the close-size filming in the mobile.

English Reading Reflection (End of Unit 2) Pt. 2

In all of these books that I’ve read in the past days in Unit 2, I would pick “Rapture of the Canaan” because this book very grabs my attention at the beginning of Unit 2 and this book to me it’s a challenging book. The reason why Rapture of the Canaan stands for me the most is that the book clearly makes me understand what’s going on to Ninah when she’s pregnant and how she fears the wrath of Grandpa Herman and the believers in the church. Some of the themes that are represented in the book are Ninah normally going to sin with James but she didn’t mean that she didn’t want everyone to know that she’s pregnant already. And the moral lesson that teaches the lesson never keeps the sentence that you wanted to say and do not be afraid to speak it out loud.

Reading Reflection (End of Unit 2) Pt. 1

In my current reading book “Hunger Games”, one of the things that strike me is when Katniss Everdeen and Pete is picked on the vote of picking to the Capital’s Hunger Games because they were chosen to fight in the Hunger Games and the scenes of their struggle of how to survive the horror of the Hunger Games. The author Suzanne Collins’s use of language in her written book is to want every one know that she wanted to let every reader know that don’t ever give up and be brave in many challenges.