"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Lord of the flies by William Golding

The book “Lord of The Flies” written by William holding is a novel that expresses the evilness of human beings. At the beginning of the book, lots of kids’ migrate from Britain by airplane. However, because the plane had an issue, it crashed into an island. After a while, Ralph, a 15 years old boy blows a conch and gathers all the kids trapped on the island.  When most of the kids came near to Ralph, they decided that Ralph will be the leader for the moment. Jack was jealous of Ralph being the chief. Therefore, Jack became the leader of the hunting team which kind of satisfied him. As time passes, the students became more selfish and they desired more. Therefore, they ended up killing each other and acting in such violent behaviors. Reading the book, I learned that the author’s message was to emphasize that human beings are evil by reminding us about the behaviors of students.  Also, this book persuaded me to believe that human beings are evil so now I feel like people are born evil.

Reflection: The Giver

The most thing that this book surprised me was that the place was a developed society where there is no pain and only pleasant things happen. For example, in the book, everybody has a job automatically. Also, there is no war, poverty so everybody is satisfied with society. However, among jobs, there is a unique job called the receiver. Basically, the receiver’s job is to take the memory of the past through the giver and hold all the pain in. Ironically, a receiver named Jonas gains the ability to see colors and feel love. Therefore, throughout the story, Jonas realizes that there is something missing in the society and keeps on getting trained by the giver to know the real world (elsewhere). The author is in a 3rd perspective to express all the character’s emotions and also situations of all characters. By stating sophisticatedly, the author gives a moral lesson that there is nothing perfect in the world.

Reading this book, I learned that only having what you want is impossible, and having no violence at all. Also, I felt sorry for the citizens in the book because they don’t know what love is and they can’t see colors except for black and white. I thought that society is a hard place to live even though there is no cruelty.
There is a character whose job is the giver. I feel that the job is the most difficult job to earn because the violence stays inside the giver’s brain and whenever a receiver comes, he passes the memories. On one side I feel bad for the giver to contain all secrets and telling no one.

Independent Project Cat House

Before starting here are some sketches and mind maps that I did before making the product


To make the product successful, I first researched about my project which is cat house and also researched, asked my surroundings about the difficulties as a cat owner. Also, I asked the worries about cat such as safety and what owners think.  Furthermore, as my product contained specific areas where I have to bend woods which is a complex process to work on, I asked the teacher about the issue and I was able to get an advise which was using the lastest version of Maker Case that contained lazer cutting which I can bend woods. My finished product will look like ‘z’ and the cats will relax and eat food in the spaces.

This is a mark for laser cutting to make the wood bend (blue line).

I decided to make a product with a similar design as this.

The shape, as I mentioned will probably look like the letter Z and the size will be small (about the size of a basketball). The function of the product will be a cathouse which cats can stay in the spaces. The color of the cat house will be black and white because the cat is known for liking these colors. I will make my product bumpy to make cats play around. To make the cathouse, the materials I will use are wood and a laser cutter. The technique will be using a laser cutter to make the wood bend. Also, the people who I can get help from are cat owners and cat experts.


This is the development of my product. At first, I just made a prototype with cardboard. After, I used the laser cutter to make the cardboard bend. However, there was a disadvantage of the material, it was cracking. So, I tried with wood and it was working. After making the small version of my product, I extended the size of the wood and made another one. However, I was able to see that using wood is not a great choice because all of them kind of broke.

On the other hand, I believe that this product is successful for now because it went close to the real version of what I was intending to make. throughout the project, I learned more about cat house and design of them.

Independent Project Alex Lee

Independent Project Cat House

The project I am planning to work on is a cat house. For the people who are worried about the stableness of the Cathouse, my product will be aimed at the people who are worried about it. My product contains soft materials such as sponges to make cats comfortable and to not slip from the top of the house. There is a brief design below.  The product is attached to the ground and the seeling so that it is strong enough.

According to a website that was posted on Meyou, “Cats are not supposed to have fear of heights and have the reputation of always falling back on their paws. Yet it can happen that a cat falls from the floor of a house or building. Young cats, especially, can lose their concentration (because of a bird, an insect …) and lose their balance. If you have a balcony, you must think of protecting it with a safety net.” Since there is a high risk of cats falling from a high place such as a cathouse, the cathouse should be strong and stable enough for the cats to not fall out. Therefore, it is attached to the ground and the selling and the rectangle areas include anti-slip pads.

Here are some research I did to be informed about cathouses.

Padlet으로 만듦



Alex Lee presentation water scarcity

Alex Lee Water scarcity project presentation

The compelling question I am going to talk mainly about is “How did COVID-19 worsen the water decrease in Africa?”

Alex Lee Lamp design

Lamp for Zoe

Her interests are dinosaur, dancing, flowers, bubbles, paintings. Therefore, I decided to make a dinosaur lamp because not also the user is interested in the product but also me. Since Zoe is only 8 years old young, she might not be able to sleep alone as there are fewer lights in the night. So, this product can benefit Zoe from sleeping at night by seeing what she is interested in and both having some lights.

Design steps

To make an attractive product, I decided to make a dinosaur lamp. The first step I did is I sketched different shapes of products. After that I had a design idea that I want to make, it was a dinosaur head fossil in which lights leaks through the nose and eyes. I made the product first with cardboard briefly. After that, I wanted to make the product more sophisticated so, I found a picture of a fossil and Lazer cut with wood. Then, I stuck the cardboard around the edges and glue gun it. To put the lamp inside the product, I made a little hole behind. Also, my first idea was to make an amber fossil. However, due to not enough resources, I moved to fossil. Despite the change of the idea, I colored the plastic paper into amber rock color and stuck it in the fossil model. Therefore, I was able to get orangish light.

These are some design ideas that I posted on my padlet

Padlet으로 만듦

What went well/ Even better if

At the beginning part of the lesson, I was not able to decide what design I should make. However, for the second lesson, after doing research, I found a design that is a fossil and started to make the product. For me, I think this was the most successful part while making the product because I made myself on track.

the part where I have to improve on is the product because I rushed which resulted in me having rough parts. Also, since I started the product late, I did not have time and chose to discard the jaws of the fossil. However, next time, I think it will be better to also make jaws.

These are the question/feedback I received for my product.

Is there anything about the lamp that doesn’t make sense? 

no, it all makes sense and comes together really well.

is there anything about the lamp that looks unappealing? 

No, I think it looks really cool. However, there is one thing that’s a bit off and that’s the hot glue on the side of the wood and the cardboard

Is there any part that should be improved?

It would be cool if it was brighter but that’s based on limited resources. Also, if there was a bottom jaw, in my opinion, that would look better but it still looks really good as it is. The yellow screen might be able to look better if it was more aligned with the outline of the skull and also painted smoothly but that is not that big of a deal with a prototype.


There are small things you could improve such as the glue and the yellow screen on the side, but other than that I think it looks really cool.

My response to the feedback.

I agree with the feedback for the hot glue that remained on the side of my product and the cardboard that is kind of messy since the cut parts.

I also agree with the jaw statement that it would have looked better with the jaws. The reason that I reduced the jaw was not only the time that I had but also the resources.


“Lost” by S.J Bolton

“Lost” by S.J Bolton Reflection

The first impression of part one was that no character was introduced yet, and the perspective was written in the first perspective.  Part one is about the consequences and what happens after going through young flesh. Part one also contains some violence of the crime and thievery.  The book’s title is “Lost” because the author wants to describe the victim’s perspective who is kidnapped by a person and going through young flesh, meaning that the victim is lost due to these occurrences.  This book’s genre is horror/mystery because it is about crime and searching for a kidnapped victim. My favorite character is not decided because there are a few characters introduced with an unknown name.

After reading the book, the book was about the son of a mother being kidnaped by a criminal. Therefore, the book’s tension rises as people try to find the son utilizing the evidence they found. Also, the son is not found until the end of the book. However, at the very end, the police officers and the mother of the son finds out where the son is. Unfortunately, when they went to the location where the son was located, he was no longer breathing. The mother cried as if she was experiencing the most melancholy situation in her life.

After reading the book, I learned more about crime and how it can be serious. Also, in my perspective, I feel sorry for the mother in the book because her son was the only child she had, and loved him before the crime. Also, when the mother cried, I imagined how painful it was to lose a child. This book is a little bit shocking because it is quite rare for young ages to get kidnapped and killed by a criminal. Therefore, I feel surprised and sad at the same time. This was my favorite book because it was interesting to learn about crime.


Alex Lee persona poster


Persona Poster Alex Lee


Illustration - Comic Grafiken die erstaunen | Erik Norden | HomeTheo & Deuc Comics on Twitter: "2 – This Cody portrait has a certain Wow-effect on it. The colors and the light is striking and makes it really pop out from theDrawing a Comic-Style Portrait With Sketchbook Pro : 6 Steps - InstructablesComic and Graphic | Illustration by Chris KingClose Up Face Happy Woman. Comic Book Cartoon Pop Art Retro Vector.. Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 89706876.

These are my favorite portrait I found on the internet. The first picture and the third picture are similar to each other. I chose these two pictures because even though it is not very much detailed, I was able to learn what kind of techniques I supposed to use when I am drawing my hair. The second pictures are also similar to the first and third picture but I think it is more sophisticated and look more like an actual person when I am looking at it than the first and third portrait. The fourth picture is by Chris king and it is comic graphic design. I really liked this portrait because I was planning to draw myself like in this mood which the person looks the same but in a comic way. The last portrait is 100 percent comic portrait. I also liked this because of the black outline that caught my eyes. Overall, I believe that all portrait was successful because of the detailed coloring and the shading which made more like 3D. Also, although there are no shading areas, what made it successful is the strong colors of comic styles.

I liked how Edward drew his Portrait because even though it is simple, he did a great job on shading areas and outline. Also, the Portrait looks like him.


Design Persona Poster

What is design?

I believe that design is a concept of artwork to show or express something. It might be a person’s feelings or thoughts. Also, sometimes it can show history such as war. In addition, artworks are something that is made not only for yourself but also for other people to send a message.

What inspires me about design?

What inspires me about design is that designs can be in many different ways. For example, a painting is a design and even a cup is a design. Therefore, we can conclude that all things that we use must go through a situation called “design” to be produced or used by people.

What are my favorite design examples?

My favorite design example is paintings that are related to nature. My favorite painting is the work called “Starry Night” by Van Gogh because I really like how he used techniques to make the painting. I feel I am inside the painting when I see the painting. YTC Van Gogh Starry Night Painting: Oil Paintings: Paintings

Who are my favorite designers?

My favorite designer is Van Gogh.

What’s my most memorable experience designing (or creating) something? Why?

The most memorable experience designing something is when I made an actual stained glass in BSB. Stained glass is a glass that is usually in Cathedral and they are very colorful, beautiful. This is an experience that I liked in design the most because it was my first time putting a color inside a glass. Also, I was able to put the stained glass in my church.

What would I like to get better at doing as a designer? (Eg drawing, presenting, digital design, fabrication, photo-editing, sharing, collaborating, etc)

I would like to work on creating logos because I always feel jubilant when I draw a cool logo.

What do already do pretty well? (Eg drawing, presenting, digital design, fabrication, photo-editing, sharing, collaborating, etc)

I already do pretty well on drawing things to look similar to each other and collaborating colors.



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