New Year Theme Door Design

The Project we created for this unit is a Chinese New Year Theme Door. First, we need to choose a teacher’s door to decorate. We choose Ms.Li’s classroom’s door to decorate. First, we emailed the teacher for permission, and created 3 ideas and let Ms.Li to choose which one would she prefer. We worked for 4 classes to finish our design. One challenges that we faced was that the paper would rip easily. We need to be extra careful during the working progress. Our biggest success was that we measured the door pretty accurately so the installation part was pretty easy. Overall, I think our project was successful because the project that we put on the door was pretty good.

Bacon Pan

My invention is the pan. It can cook multiple things at the same time. It can cook spicy things and not spicy thing. My parter likes bacon but he hates when the bacon flavor mixed with the eggs.

My biggest success is I cut the cardboard really well and it looks nice.
But the handle part is really hard to make because hot glue is not strong enough so I need to use duct tape to make it strong, it turned out strong but it also made the handle really thick.

overall, the product I made is good and it solved the problem that my parter had.