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The Cuban Revolution happened between 1952-1959 and was a chaotic time for Cuba. In 1952, the former president of Cuba Fulgencio Batista conducted a military siege and controlled the country after then. He let a large number of American businessmen into the country and they controlled 70%of fertile land and a lot of the industry. A university student studying in the university of Havana called Fidel Castro became eager to fight for change and started gathering people in his university. A year later, they stormed the Moncada Barracks on July 26 and it was a complete failure with most of the Rebels jailed or killed. Fidel Castro himself surrendered and was sentenced to prison for 15 years. However, he was released 2 years later only to find that Batista is trying to kill him. Luckily, he was able to escape to Mexico and regroup the Rebels. There, he met Che Guevara and they returned to Cuba a year later. In 1956, they were forced into the mountains and a 2-year battle in the Sierra Maestra. In the mountains, Fidel Castro used a tactic called Guerilla warfare where they hit and run. Batista’s army was not used to the mountains and were suffering a lot of defeat. 2 years later, Fidel Castro fought out of the mountains and began to control a lot of government locations and other buildings such as oil plants. Batista was defeated and fled to Florida before the new year. Fidel Castro established a Communist country later on and became friends with the Soviet Union.

The Boxer Rebellion Map

The Boxers deserve a bad reputation because they are not respecting the Chinese Christian’s right to believe any religion they want. The Boxers and the Qing government should be open-minded to any religion and they are guilty about killing innocent Chinese. During the Boxer War, they killed about 32,000 Chinese Christians and 200 western missionaries. Normally, Wars kill missionaries, but the 32,000 Chinese Christians are innocent, they died just because of their belief. The Boxers might have a reason to rebel against the western country, but there are not reasons that they should kill the Chinese Christians, so they need to take the consequences to kill innocent people. Overall, the Boxers killed a myriad number of innocent citizens, therefore, they deserve the bad reputation.

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In the play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, written by William Shakespeare, Egeus, Hermia’s father is portrayed as not only stubborn and cold-blooded, but also really strange.
In Scene One, Egeus had a conflict with his daughter Hermia about who should she marry. When Egeus is telling Theseus how Lysander is stealing his daughter Hermia’s heart, Egeus said: “As she is mine, I may dispose of her- which shall be either to this gentleman or to her death-according to our law immediately provided in that case.” It shows that Egeus is not only knowledgeable of the law, but also really stubborn and cold-blooded enough to kill his daughter if she didn’t strictly follow his father’s order.
Egeus is also really strange, he hates Lysander, but why? Egeus describes Lysander as that “he hath bewitched the bosom of my child.” (Line 27), “with feigning voice verse of feigning love.”(Line 31) and “scornful Lysander.” (Line 95) From the word choices that Egeus used when talking about Lysander, it shows the he hates Lysander a lot that he rather let Hermia to marry Demetrius then who Hermia loves. Just like what Lysander said: “I am, my lord, as well derived as he, as well possessed. My love is more than his. My fortunes every way fairly ranked, as Demetrius.” This shows how Lysander is wealthy and noble as Demetrius, which makes him an equally qualified candidate in every respect. But why did Egeus hate him so much, and rather give Hermia to Demetrius, who does not love Hermia as much as Lysander does?
Overall, from what Egeus said and what he did, it shows that he is really stubborn and cold-blooded to kill his daughter when she didn’t strictly follow his order, and strange that rather let someone Hermia doesn’t love to marry her.

The Scar-Mother Ghost

sMother Ghost

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As an old Chinese lore goes, “Once there was a greedy girl whose belly grew fatter and fatter. This girl poisoned herself after refusing to say whose child she carried. When the monks cut open her body, they found inside a large white melon.” The moral? If you are greedy, what is inside you is what always makes you hungry. The mother in the short story “The Scar”, written by Amy Tan, lost her honor after she left her family and ran away from her husband and her two children. Due to this, she was shunned and erased from her family and treated as one would treat a ghost. However, this does not mean the mother hated her family. In fact, she loved her family deeply.


In the story, the mother went back home to see her popo in her dying times knowing that her family hated her. This shows that she cared about her family. We can see how much her family hated her from all the things the aunt and popo said about her to her children, such as, “’ You are the son of a mother who has so little respect she has become a Ni, a traitor to our ancestors. She is so beneath others that even the devil must look down to see her’”, and “’ To say her name is to spit on your father’s grave.’” Even though everybody treated her badly, she still stayed to be with popo after she returned home, because she loved her children deeply. She gently touched Amy’s scar and cried. It­ shows that she deeply regretted the things that she did and that she did not take good care of Amy. We can see that she valued her family and was willing to suffer to be with her family again. What I find even more unbelievable is that, the mother actually cut off her flesh to give to her popo as a ritual of love. This occurred near the end of the story and shows how much she cared about her popo. The emotional abuse along with the physical pain would have driven me away already but she stayed. To sum it up, she cared about her family as she stayed with them even though they treated her badly. Also, she cut off her flesh, an extremely painful process just to honor the popo that hated her. This is a strong demonstration of her love towards her family. Whatever she did does not deserve to be threated so badly by her popo. If I were her, I would have left her family to go live a free life that I would enjoy.


To conclude, the mother in the short story, “The Scar”, written by Amy Tan, put up with many forms of emotional and physical abuse that anyone would find difficult to endure. Only her deep love towards her family could explain the sacrifices she made to stay with her family.