The whole book I have read during the year was a lot interesting and had a lot of fun events happening. For example, in the book Kite runner, two friends named Amir and Hassan had a close relationship with each other. They lived in a same house together for several years and they were best friends since then. However, due to the incident, they had a conflict with each other which made their relationship worsen. As a result, Hassan decided to move to a new region to have a better life. After time passed, Amir realizes the fact that Hassan died and longed for the time spent with him. The thing that I don’t like about this novel is the fact that Amir and Hassan weren’t able to meet with each other after their relationship broke up. It would have been better if it was a happy ending. I would recommend this novel to the readers because it stimulates the readers thinking by expressing the characters thinking more vividly and realistically.