Cosplay Prop Mass Affect Pistol

“I learned that when you are making a cosplay prop you have to do one part at a time and have to been extremely careful with your cuts because one mistake can make everything else go wrong

One problem  i encountered was trying to cut a corner on the foam. To overcome this I had to use the dremel to make smoother edges.

On mistake that I made was that I put the heat gun too close to the foam and it ended up burning the foam. I overcame this by being more careful with the heat gun. I had to recut many peaces because I was trying to go for a more smooth look

Temple Field Trip 2019

Recently, I visited a few Chinese temples with my school. We went on this trip to study some of the ancient Chinese religions such as Taoism and Buddhism. We visited three Chinese temples, a Buddhist temple, Taoist temple, and a Confucius school. Our first destination was the Buddhist temple.

This first temple was packed. There were so many people that I even almost got lost a few times. The temple contained many small buildings in side a large courtyard. Each small building was representing one aspect of Buddhist life or one of their multitude of beliefs. By the door of every temple was a bronze banner that displayed basic information about the building such as when it was built and what was housed inside of it. In this temple, I learned that Buddhists believed that there were many jewels or ornaments that you could wear to help protect yourself against celestial  threats.

Our next stop was the Confucius school. Here I learned that there were many different people that helped with the creating of the religion. I also learned that if people cheated on the tests they will have to have a large board on their neck and walk around so everybody could know that they had cheated and be shamed.