Book: The locked room and other horror stories

The favorite part that i enjoyed about this book is one of the horror story called lost heart, this book is about diffrent kinds of horror stories. And the lost heart is about a man who wants magic but he needs to take out three younge people’s heart to get the magic. And on one day his younge cousin came to his house but when he was in the house he had many weird dream. And one of the night the man told him to come to his room only in 11 o’clock and to not told anyone. But when he goes to his room and nocked the door it was locked but it opens at 11 o’clock then when he went into the room with his heart take out. Then he saw a book and notice that he was the third younge people he gonna take heart out of.I will recommend the book to the people who liked and enjoyed but not the ones who scared.

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