2019 Spring Trip

what did I learn from the spring trip?

I have learned many cultural things about china and knows more about lingshui village  and the huanghua water Great Wall. For lingshui villageI had learn that in lingshui village every villagers is very smart and every year there will be a ceremony choosing the smartest people on the village. And the people they think is really smart is the tallest one in the village.

what are some highlights of the trip?

The highlight of the trip is the part I spend time with my friends, group mates and class mates. And during the trip I had known more people from 7-1 or 7-2. We did many activities that make me enjoy my trip, for example when we are taking the experience hiking on the great wall and the teamwork activities that we did on the last day of trip.

what are some recommendation for improving the trip?

For the trip I think it needs to improve the first day’s hotel, its really cold during the night. And the food is pretty cold compare to the second day’s food. I also think  some part of the activity is a bit boring, and I think jump can improve the scavenger hunt that we did on the second day. To make it more interesting and let us collaborate more with our group.


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