” The Monkey’s Paw” Setting Found Poem


The found poem above was taken from the text of “The Monkey’s Paw” written by William W. Jacob.It shows the setting is important because is where and when the story are taken place and it can connect to character, plot, theme, and mood. In the story the setting is super important because there is a big change of the setting from the start of the story to the end of the story. I choose the text “a fire burned brightly in Laburnum” because a fire burned in Laburnum shows at the setting at start of the story. When the family of Mr. White were in their house the fire burned brightly in their living room showing the living room is really warm and nice, Herbert are playing chess with Mr. White and Mrs. White is knitting by the fire showing a family having a really sweet and normal night together. And I choose the text “house full of shadow and silence” because it shows the big changes of the setting from the start of the story where Mr. White’s family having normal night and enjoying their time together. But at the end of the story house full of shadow and silence shows that everything is different from the start of the story, after the conflict happened everything change. Starting to be unusual, their son died so the house became silence.  And I made my poem this way because the picture of the fire shows when the setting is at the start but also shows the loss of everything they have in the beginning of the story at the end of the story. Everything has been burned. I used canva to create my poster of my poem, here is the site for canva .

The setting in ” The Monkey’s paw” has change a lot throughout the story. From the start of the story as the quote “Outside, the night was cold and wet, but a fire burned brightly in the small living room of Laburnum Villa, where Mr. White and his son Herbert were playing chess. Mrs. White, a white-haired old lady, sat knitting by the fire, occasionally commenting on the game.” (William W. Jacob) This quote shows that at the start of the story the family and house are warm, cozy, sweet and kind. But after the conflict happened which took their son away. Suddenly everything has change since then, from the quote at the last paragraph “A cold wind rushed up the stairs and a long, loud wail of disappointment and misery broke from his wife. It gave him the courage to run to her side, then to the gate outside, The street lamp opposite the house shone flickeringly on a quiet and deserted road.”( William W. Jacob) The family is not the family it used to be, after they got the monkey’s paw everything change. The house became quite, dark and cold.